Types of Movie

Types of Movie

Arsyad, 2003 point out the types of Movies can be described as follows:

a.       Documentary Movie.

Documentary  Movie is  a  purpose  of  giving  to  describe  about the story, by using the true society and situation.

b.      Episodic Movie

Episodic  Movie  is  movie  consist  of  short  edition  in  its sequences.

c.       Provocation Movie

Provocation Movie prevents to explain about special lesson to learners,  especially  social  study,  attitude,  etc.  it  will  stimulate  the discussion among learners in the classroom.

d.      Animated movie

Animation movie is distinguished from live action ones by the unusual kinds of work that are done at the production stage.

e.       Fictional movie

A fictional movie presents imaginary beings, places, or events. Yet  if  a  movie  is  fictional  that  does  mean  that  it  is  completely  un related to actuality.

f.       Experimental movie  

An Experimental movie is made for many reasons, they are: (1) The  movie  makers  wish  to  express  personal  experience  or  view points (2) The movie makers may also want to explore some possibilities of medium itself


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