Types of Characters

Types of Characters

Hudaifah (2007: 22) To get more understanding about character, there must be the meanings and kinds of characters. Based on the role of character in a story, there are two kinds of character: main or major character and minor character. And based on the development of a story conflicts are protagonist and antagonist characters.

a.       Main (Major) Character

Major character is the most important character in a story. Major or main character is the principle character that appeared and more dominated the plot of the story.

b.      Minor Character

Minor character is supporting character that the frequency of his presence is rarely and headed more bring to live the plot of a story. Minor characters are characters of less important those of the main.

c.       Protagonist

Protagonist is called the hero or heroine as the main character in the story, usually someone who has a good attitude, and also in the right or good position.

d.      Antagonist

Antagonist is the character who opposes the protagonist, the person that helps cause of conflict for the protagonist and represented as the bad one.


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