Concept of Characterization

  1. Concept of Characterization

Junger (2004: 5) Characters are important elements in literature. Characters are the individuals who participate in the action of a literary work. Characters display certain qualities, or traits; they usually develop and change over time, and they usually have motivations or reasons for their behaviors.

Character is all of the mental and moral qualities that make a person different from other that are expressed in utterance and action. Character as one of aspects of novel helps the plot to grow and develop through the story. In a story, the writer may tell us directly how characters usually behave, what sort individuals they are, or what they and their surroundings look like.

Katri et al (2010: 2) A  complex  and  extensive  representation  of intelligent  characters  acting  a  role  in  the  story  is  needed.  The  emotional  reaction  of the  user  to  what  happens  to  the  characters  in  the  story  will  depend  greatly  on  the emotional-relational  properties  of  these  characters.  At  least  information  about  the characters’ physical state, perceptions, beliefs, personality, emotions, social emotional relationships,  desires  and  motivations,  action  potential,  coping  strategy,  goals,  and action  plans  should  be  represented  in  the  character  model.  use similar concepts to simulate the generality of human emotional capabilities, such as appraisal and coping strategies: how characters assess what they perceive, and how they react to this assessment.

Mullins (2004:10) point out the main character is defined using the variables of ‘Internal Characteristics’ (values, beliefs, fears, desires, memories, etc) and ‘External Circumstances’ (family, friends, career, social and natural environment etc). ‘Conflict’ is defined as the growing tension between these two variables. Each act of the structure is divided by a ‘Commitment’ made by the main character to a particular goal they hope will resolve the conflict.

The relation between conflict and character is vital, because without character there would be no plot and no story. If there is no conflict that happen to the character, the story will not be interesting because the conflict can influence and change the behavior of the character so the story become more lifelikeness.


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