Psychological Conflict

  1. Psychological Conflict

Conflict is a natural part of any communication relationship. It is an evitable part of life for a variety of different reasons. A variation of the physical struggle against nature is the conflict with natural law or with fate. A character’s struggle against nature or against another character is an external conflict; the main character is in conflict with an outside force. The main character struggles against himself or herself is an internal conflict. (Morner. 1998: 43)

Psychological conflict is the conflict within a single man, it means a man fight against he himself. Psychological conflict is also called as an internal conflict. This conflict often happens to person who has no mental stability. The psychological conflict may arise when revelry between wishes or one’s desire and his real life.

Hudaifah (2006) concluded Conflict is  a  contradiction  between  two  persons,  each  of  which  has  his own  idea  or  principle.  Conflict  is  an  important  element  in  the  novel.  It  is intensified  through  a  phrase  of  rising  action  and  compilation  until  crisis  brings climax. Conflict  that  occurs  can  influence and change  one’s character. Character development  bringing  the  characters  to  live  in  the  reader  mind.  They  can  range from  thumbnail  sketches  to  deep,  wordy,  highly  detailed  biographies  of  each character. It is important to note that different genres and stories require different types of character development

Partana (2013: 4) point out the  Psychological conflict or Internal conflict is a conflict between the main character with his own mind, usually it is connected with emotion, but internal conflict can also happen between are idea and another.


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