Types of Anxiety

Types of Anxiety

Marzec (2012: 221)Anxiety arising while learning a foreign language in classroom situations is a the feeling of tension and apprehension specifically associated with second language contexts, including speaking, listening and learning, contended that foreign language anxiety is combined of three components: communication apprehension, fear of negative social evaluation and test anxiety.

Communication apprehension appears while real or anticipated interaction with others. As a result students may avoid situations in which they are supposed to talk to someone. Fear of negative social evaluation is provoked by students’ concern that someone else would evaluate their performance, that evaluation would be negative or that another person would form a negative opinion about them. As a result they also turn to avoidance behaviour which is to escape occasions in which any kind of judgment could appear. Test anxiety is experienced due to students’ worry that they will perform poorly during an examination or that they will fail any form of a test

Chan & Wu (2004: 291) There are three perspectives from which research studies on anxiety are conducted. They are trait anxiety, state anxiety, and situation-specific anxiety.

1)      Trait anxiety, a motive or acquired behavioral disposition that predisposes an individual to perceive a wide range of objectively non dangerous circumstances as threatening, and to respond to these circumstances with anxiety state reactions disproportionate in intensity to the magnitude of the objective danger, is relatively permanent and steady personality feature

2)      State anxiety is apprehension experienced at particular moment in time, for example, prior to taking exams. This anxiety can be provoked in the confrontation of the perceived threat.

3)      Situation-specific perspective requires the respondents to ascribe their anxiety to particular sources. Specific situations can offer more understanding to particular anxiety in diverse situations.


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