The Function of Textbook

The Function of Textbook

Textbook used in teaching and learning process is important. Textbook are meant to help teachers in providing them teaching materials as stated by Chandran. Textbook act as a guideline for inexperienced teachers or tools for experienced teacher. It also provides either inexperienced or experienced teachers with guidance on what students have to learn and what student wish to learn. The student from Chandran is also in line with the statements from Cunningsworth. According to him, there are several functions and roles of textbook which are :

a.       a resource of presentation material

b.      a resource of activities for practice and communicative interaction.

c.       a reference book (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation).

d.      a syllabus

e.       a resource for self-directed learning or self-access.

f.       a support for less experienced teachers.

The essence of a textbook is basically to help both teacher and students in some ways. For teacher, it helps them in preparing and developing the teaching materials that are going to be taught and in the other hand. As for the students, it helps them to maintain and trace back their input in learning.


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