Definition of Textbook

 Definition of Textbook

Textbook serve as an important role in teaching ad learning activities. The uses of textbook in the classroom helps teacher in delivering the materials. Similar to the statement above, Mudzakir stated that a textbook is complemented with students work. As he mentioned in his journal textbook along with many other names is commonly used by educational institution or school and is usually provided with exercise and teaching materials.

According to Tian in A.J. Loveridge (2012) Textbooks is school books containing materials that have been selected on the particular field of study, in written form that meet certain requirements in learning activities, arranged in a systematic to be assimilated”. In addition Chambliss and Calfee (1998) explain it in more detail. Textbooks is a tools students to understand and learn from the things that are read and to understand the world (outside itself). Textbooks have amazingly large power to change students' brains. Textbooks can affect children's knowledge and certain values.

The standard of students work in a textbook or course book are usually suitable with the students knowledge competence, as Cunningsworth describes, that a published textbook has commonly passed several qualification test from publisher in a controlled pilot studies before it is released to public. In line with Cunningsworth’s statement above, Gebhard implied that at minimum an exercise in EFL/ESL textbook created by published companies, government agencies, curriculum development teams at the school labels, and classroom teachers.

So based on definition above textbook is a book that contains material that has been selected to truth could enable students to use textbooks nothingelseincorrect in terms of learning, so that learning will be more effective in class again.


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