The Effect of ARCS (Attention, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction) Model in Teaching Listening



A.    The Background of the Study

English, nowadays, has become an international language that is taught in almost all level of education in Indonesia. There  are  many  factors  which  can  influence  the  students  achievement  of  certain language  skills.  It  might  be  caused  by  the  teacher  and  the  students.  From  the teacher’s point of view, there are some factors  which can influence the students’ achievement  in  language  skills,  such  as,  the  quality  of  the  teacher,  the  teaching style, the performance of the teacher and teaching technique or strategy. From the students’ side, motivation, style in language  learning,  and  personality  of  the  students  can  give  the  impact  to  the students’ achievement. In listening, the learners are supposed to be able to comprehend what is being spoken (Muharrami, Setiyadi & Hasan 2006: 2).

Listening  is  an  active  process  requiring  participation  on  the  part  of  listener. According  to  Bont et. al  (2008: 7)  listening  is  the attending, receiving, interpreting, and responding to messages presented aurally.  The  idea  above  indicates  that  the listeners  are  usually  playing  an  active  role  because  they  should  have  ability  to digest the message of the speaker. Listening is not only the way of learning language that can give the learner information from which to build up the knowledge necessary  for using the language but also the way to get information  or  to  understand  the  sense  of  communication  which  will  be  sent  in oral.

Based on Arono (2014: 2) Learning listening has been developed and advanced especially in media and in learning materials used in the cities. There are many choices of listening materials such as CD, DVD, or video applied in the classroom.  However, there are many  evidences  that  listening  is  lack  attention  of  teachers. When  they  applied  many  learning competencies  in  the  classroom,  listening  skill  was  always  accelerated  or  reduced.  Learning  course  methodology  was discussed and analyzed slightly, and there was a tendency from the teachers that listening was ordinary activity in life. The other factor was  a lack of teacher commitment to apply an appropriate approach in listening like using integrative skill  which  affected  listening  as  an  indicator  to  teach  it  in  haste.  Reading  and  Listening  skills  were  as  primary  in learning language skill.

In teaching the teachers should be creative to find the teaching technique in listening activity. The technique chosen should help the students to learn the material and comprehend listening because listening  is an active skill that should be a primary goal of the EFL teacher. In teaching, the teacher should develop students competence and opportunities to interact orally in the classroom or outside. So, the technique should help students to get the purpose of listening, such as listening for the main idea, and make students get many input from any sources to make students comprehend what the speaker’s message accurately.

Based on explanation above, the writer is interested in using ARCS (Attention, Relevance, Confidence And Satisfaction) Model. Keller (2016: 5) These concepts, theories, strategies, and tactics comprise the first major part of the ARCS model,  which  is  the  synthesis  of  the  vast  motivational  literature  into  a  simple  and  useful number  of  components.  They  also  provide  the  basis  for  the  second  major  feature  of  the ARCS model which is the systematic design process that assists you in creating motivational tactics that match student characteristics and needs. The researcher formulate this research under the the titile “The Effect of ARCS (Attention, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction) Model in Teaching Listening”

B.     The Identification of the Problem

            Based  on  the  background  above, there  are  many  reasons  why  the  writer chooses listening skill in this study. The listening skill is essential to improve the language. Learning listening has been mastered by the students in order to be able to  communicate  in  English  most  students  till  have difficulties in listening skill as follows

1.      The students cannot convey their ideas from what they listen clearly because of their limited skill of listening.

2.      The students  often  listen  first  to  know  some  new vocabulary  then  read

3.      Sometimes the students do not want to ask to what they do not know

4.      The students’ knowledge about  vocabulary and grammar also determined their ability to listen still lack

C.    The Scope and Limitation

Related to the problems above, this paper is focused on the implementation of using ARCS (Attention, Relevance, Confidence And Satisfaction) Model to teach listening to the students.

D.    The Formulation of the Problem

Based on the limitation of the problem above, the problem is formulated as following question: “How is the implementation of using ARCS (Attention, Relevance, Confidence And Satisfaction) Model to teach listening to the students?”

E.     The Objective of the Study

            The objective of the study states the target to be achieved in conducting the study.  Based on the research questions above, the study propose the objective of the research is “ To find out the implementation of using ARCS (Attention, Relevance, Confidence And Satisfaction) Model to teach listening to the students”

F.     The Significance of the Study

Research  Significance  discusses  the  contribution  or  the  benefit  of  the study  to  the  development  of  science  and  technology,  and  the  educational stakeholders. 

1.      Teacher

This research as a contribution in teaching learning process, by giving the information  how  the  significance  of  improving  students’ listening  ability  by  using  ARCS (Attention, Relevance, Confidence And Satisfaction) Model.  Teachers  can  also  applied such kind of model to teach their students in the class.

2.      Students

This  study  will  be  able  to  expect  the  utilization  of  the  model  in improving  their   listening  ability  especially  by  using  ARCS (Attention, Relevance, Confidence And Satisfaction) Model.

3.      School

To  give  information  for  the  school  that  ARCS (Attention, Relevance, Confidence And Satisfaction) Model  is  the  kind  of teaching  model  which  is  suitable  with  the  students  to  improve  their listening ability.

4.      Other researcher

The  writer  hopes  that  by  this  study  is  expected  in  giving  the contribution of any value to the other researcher in conducting the further research of the similar topic.


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