The Advantages of Role, Audience, Format and Topic (RAFT) Strategy

 1.        The Advantages of Role, Audience, Format and Topic (RAFT) Strategy

a)      Students use their imagination to become more personally engaged in their reading, which help bring material to life

b)     Students in practice in translating the language of text into their own words and are involved in a more in depth synthesis of material

c)      Students are encouraged to draw from their own experiences to understand events in text and are asked to elaborate on information in a meaningful way

d)     Students develop sensitivity to different perspectives of events and ideas.

e)      Students are given an opportunity to adopt a more reflective stance as they read

f)      Students are encored to talk about things in the reading that they personally connect to and they all have an opportunity  to participant in the class discussion on the reading

g)     Students are able to hear classmates’ views before offering their own, giving them the chance to adjust their comments and reflect on ideas before expressing them to others.


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