A.      Background of the Study

English is an important language. It becomes the international communication language. In Indonesia, English is the first foreign language. Because English is an important position, it is taught from the fourth grade of elementary school in some schools as an alternative subject and from the first grade of junior high school (SMP) up to third grade of senior high school (SMA) as one of the compulsory subjects. The students of SMP and SMA are hoped to have enough competence in English because it becomes a subject tested in UAN (Ujian Akhir Nasional). The result of UAN has been satisfactory. This is supported by the fact that UAN English score of SMP and SMA are successful. According to Bambang as quoted from (2006) explains that average score of UAN in English is 7.54. It is higher than UAN standard which is 4.5. It means that the score is satisfactory, but improvement is still needed to achieve the best result. 

In order to reach the goal above, many experts of education try to reveal the problems of English learning. To overcome the problems, they try to carry out different attempts to improve English teaching learning processes. The curriculum, approach, method, and technique of English teaching are always revised and improved in order to meet the goals of the teaching learning process.

Sofiah (1998: 5) states that the success of the English teaching learning processes at schools depends on the teachers for they are key figures in the   classroom. It is considered that if the teachers do not have good competence in the teaching learning process, the students will not achieve the objectives. In addition, Sofiah states that the source of the problems is not the teacher, but also the institution related to education. It is  assumed that this institution is also responsible to the results of teaching learning processes since its output is related to the results of teaching learning processes.

Citrawati (2002: 8) states that there is another factor that may influence the students' achievement: students' factor. The students as subjects in the learning process have different characteristics. Each student differs in intelligence, sex, socioeconomic background, motivation, attitude, and learning strategies. 

Based on this view, the writer is interested in knowing what factors that actually influence in learning English. This time, the focus of the study is on students’ creativity. Creativity can be defined as thinking ability in managing a problem referring to his experiences or knowledge. Creativity will make the students sensitive to the problem they have, looking for the solutions and giving the ideas to solve the problems in learning. For example, in English learning, the students always find the difficulties although the teacher has explained the subject and given information has been completed. The students having high creativity tend to find the difficulty they have and look for the solution. The creative students will have many alternatives in solving the difficulties in English learning. The writer predicts that the students having high creativity are able to get better achievement in English learning. 

B.       Reason for Choosing the Topic

The writer conducts this study with the following reasons:

1.      Creativity as one of the psychological  aspects plays an important role in a teaching learning process.

2.      As foreign language, English is very  important and it is  not easy to learn it since there are many difficulties involved.

3.      The result of the study can support the teachers and the students in English teaching-learning process.

4.      The result of the study can be used  to know how important of creativity in learning English.


C.      Statement of the Problems

Based on the background above, the writer wants to state a problem:

Is there any positive and significant relationship between the students’ creativity and their English  learning achievement of the tenth grade students of SMAN? 

D.      Purposes of the Study

The purposes of the study can be stated as follows:

1.      To describe the students’ creativity of the tenth grade students of   SMA N .

2.      To describe the students English learning achievement of the tenth grade students of SMA N 

3.      To find out whether there is any positive and significant relationship between the students’ creativity and their English learning achievement. 

E.       Significance of the Study

The result of this study will be useful in some ways. Theoretically, it could provide information about the students’ creativity and learning achievement. Practically, it would be worth considering when people try to improve the English teaching process.

F.       Hypothesis

Based on the statement of the problems above, the hypothesis of this study can be formulated as follows:

There is a positive and significant relationship between students’ creativity and their English learning achievement.

G.      Outline of the study

This study consists of five chapters. Chapter I presents the background of the study, the reason for choosing the topic,  the statement of  the problems, the purposes of the study, the significances of the study, the hypothesis and the outline of the thesis.

Chapter II presents the theoretical review, which consists of theories of learning achievement, which contains the definitions of learning, learning achievement, factors affecting learning achievement, and measurement of learning achievement. The second topic is concerned with the students’ creativity including the definitions of creativity, the characteristics of a creative person, and measurement of creativity.

Chapter III deals with the method of investigation, which discusses the research design, population, sample, variables, the instrument, validity and reliability, procedure of collecting data and the method of analyzing data. Chapter IV presents the data analysis and the discussion of the result. Chapter V presents the conclusions of the investigation with the suggestion.


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