Component of Writing

Component of Writing

Jacob points out five kinds of components in writing. Theyare content, organization, language use, vocabulary, and mechanics[1].

a.       Content

content of writing should be understandable. Therefore, the readers can understand the message in the text and got information from it. There is a thinking that can be measure in connecting with component. The composition should contain one central purpose, should have unit, should have coherence and continuity, and should be adequately develop.

1)   Unity

Rijlaarsdam. defines Unity means that  text content and  structure both  relate to the writing assignment. The text deals with the  topic, it is  oriented to the writing-goal and the audience and it reflects the essential features of an informative text. Since participant’s assignment analysis is controlled by the researcher, this criterion will not play an important role[2]

The writing regards to have good unity, if it has some main ideas and the sentences contained in it develop that idea. The main idea is stated in the topic sentences and each or every supported sentences and related to that idea of the topic sentences. If a writer wants his writing is unified, he or she should not include the sentences that do not support the main idea of the topic sentences.

2)   Completeness

Completeness, a complete paragraph provides information well enough and it develops the truth for the reader. In complete paragraph, the writers provide the readers with restricted topic sentences and sufficient information to clarify analyze and support the main idea that which is stated in the topic.

Writing is said to have completeness if the main idea have been explained and developed fully completeness. The controlling idea with develop thoroughly by these of particular information. It is relative to know how complex or general the topic sentences by having a complete writing. It is expected that the content of writing will be clear and understandable for readers.

b.      Organization

Organization is the overall structure of piece of writing. The most workable method to organized essay is to state the main idea of the paper in an opening paragraph and the devote a separate paragraph in the body to each major division of thought.

Organization concerns with the way of how the writer arranges and organize their idea and their massage in writing from which consist of same partial order. In writing, the writer should know about what kinds of paragraph that they want tow writer and what topic that they want to tell to the readers. It must be supported by cohesion.

c.       Vocabulary

Vocabulary  is the list of word and sometimes plus usually arranged in alphabetical order that expired at distally, grouchy. Vocabulary is an area which gives the students various kinds of learning problems, including spelling. It is also an area where it can be useful for them to have reference lists, in the form of lexical sets, such as clothes, furniture, food, etc.

d.      Mechanics

The use of mechanics is due to capitalization, punctuation, and spelling appropriately. These aspects are very important, it leads the readers to understand, to recognize immediately. The use of favorable mechanic in writing will make readers easy to group the conveying ideas or the message to the written materials.

[1] Jacobs, G. 2008.Quick Writing: A Technique  for Invention in Writing.Articles. 25th July 2015. Page 22

[2] Rijlaarsdam. G, van den Bergh. H &Couzijn. M. (2005) Effective Learning and Teaching of Writing A Handbook of Writing in Education Second Edition. Page 17


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