Advantages and Disadvantages of Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR)

According to Standish (2005: 51) the Advantages of Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) as follows:

a.    The students with content area reading disabilites wil improve their reading comprehension

b.    The students can improve their words identification and fluency

c.    The students will spend a great amount of classroom discussion so that tthey can assist one another

d.   CSR is not only teaching readers with cognitive (top down and bottom up) approach but also teaching reader how to use the strategies metacognitively

e.    Promoting the students academic achievement

f.     Increasing the students retention

g.    Helping students develop skill in oral communication

h.    Developing students social skill

i.      Promoting students self esteem

j.      Helping to promote positive race relation

According to Klingner and Vaughn (1996: 40-41) disadvantages of Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) such as

a.    CSR Strategic requires much time to teach to students and much time may be wasted in negosiation about who would perform a spesific role

b.    To implement CSR, teacher need to be given an intensive collaborative professional development program

c.    Teaching CSR in content area reading may need more attention that in foreign language subject because content area teachers lack of English comprehension


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