Procedure of Tree Diagram

Procedure of Tree Diagram

McGraw (2010: 14) states that the procedure of tree diagram start from topic is written in the top box. Then students must analyze the reading further for information that demonstrates or supports that topic

Shapiro. S (2003) defines the procedure of tree diagram in teaching vocabulary as follows:

1.      Listing all the names or objects. The first step in constructing a tree diagram is for students to identify all relevant factors in the problem and list them. The factors can be listed in any order as this does not affect the solution to the problem. For example, a class of students were asked to list their favorite fruits. In the list the students included apples, oranges and bananas

2.      Pairing or connecting information using lines or brackets. Once the initial list had been compiled students were asked to organize the three types of fruit in order, from their least favorite to their most favorite. Every possible combination was covered by the students in the class. How many combinations were there?


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