Definition of Tree Diagram

Definition of Tree Diagram

Tree diagram is simply as one example of mind mapping. Whereas the mind map is a central  idea  surrounded by the  branches of related  ideas, tree diagram  comes up with a diagram looks like a tree. According to McGraw (2010: 13) tree diagram is based upon the traditional “family tree” organizational graphic. Students are required to record how subordinate facts or statements are related to one another and to a larger, unifying statement. Tree diagrams also may be utilized as a main idea/supporting details type of graphic organizer. This type of graphic organizer is helpful when you want students to find the main idea of a paragraph or section. The main idea or topic is written in the top box. Then students must analyze the reading further for information that demonstrates or supports that main idea or topic.

Manoli & Papadopoulou (2012: 351) Tree diagrams/tree structures/network trees, which belong to hierarchical organizers, visually portray the main ideas of a text and establish the multiple relations among the different elements that exist in a passage, such as general to specific or specific to general through hierarchically describing the relationships of the different elements of the text. Namely, tree diagrams communicate super ordinate-subordinate or hierarchical concept relations, which is the defining feature of a hierarchy. More often than not, they are used to describe family trees, the construction of a sentence, the structure of societies, classes, institutions, taxonomies, and various hierarchical models. Research supports the implementation of tree diagrams to boost comprehension and recall of main ideas.

Shapiro. S (2001: 2) states tree diagram can be used to represent the relationships between different factors in a problem This strategy is most often used with problems where it is necessary to work out all possible combinations of the different factors in the problem. For example, if you have three different colored wools to make a striped jumper, how many different ways can you organize the colored stripes? You must begin by making a list of the different colors, then work methodically down the list linking each different factor until you have covered all possible combinations.

Using a tree diagram enables the problem solver to visualize the different factors of the problem more easily. It ensures that a systematic approach is used and that no factors are missed out or repeated. In order to use the strategy of drawing a tree diagram effectively, students will need to develop the following skills and understanding

In addition Vygotsky, L. (1978: 24) tree diagrams especially interesting for group work when teachers present words for these pictorial schemata in scrambled order. Students are then asked to unscramble the words by putting them in a logical order.


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