The Concept of Listening

The Concept of Listening

According Jalongo (2010:4) listening is defined as  a form of communication that involves hearing, interpreting, and constructing meanings; an active process that is not limited to the spoken word;  and an essential way of participating in daily routines as well as wider decision-making processes

In other hand Studijos (2009:5) is  a  complex  process  best  developed  by  consistent practice. Listening is the vital skill providing the basis for the successful communication and successful professional career. Effective listening skills enhance the ability to learn and adapt new information, knowledge, and skills. Listening comprehension is more than extracting meaning from incoming speech.  It is a process of matching speech with the background knowledge, i.e. what the listeners already know about the subject

Bingol (2014:1) In today's our modern world everybody accepts that listening is one of the most important skills in second language acquisition. When listening to a second language, many language students face listening difficulties. Second language learners have significant problems in listening comprehension because of the fact that schools pay more attention to structure, writing, reading and vocabulary. Listening is not important parts of many course books or syllabus and most teachers do not attach importance to listening while preparing their lesson plan. A great number of teachers believe that it will develop naturally within the language learning process and they  will  learn  unconsciously.  Actually  there  are  number  of  listening  barriers  based  on  message,  delivery, audience and environment. Teaching and drilling listening strategies ease students listening comprehension.


In conclusion it should be said that listening competence is a complex skill that needs to  be developed by practice. Teachers  should  provide  their  learners  with  opportunities to  reflect  on  their  listening  processes  and  practices.  The role  of  the  teacher  is  very  important,  as  the  teacher  not  only guides  the  students  through  the  process  of  listening,  but also motivates them and puts them in control of their learning.


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