Definition of Writing

 Definition of Writing

Mayers (2005) stated that writing is a way to produce a language you do naturally when you speak. Writing is speaking to other on paper - or on computer screen. Writing also is an action or a process of discovering and organizing your ideas, putting words on a paper and reshaping and revising them.

Bram (1995) defined, writing means to produce or to reproduce a message or messages into written language. It involves an activity process to organize and formulate the ideas on the paper so that the reader can follow the writer message as well as oral form.

Kevel in Takko (2009) argued that writing is a kind of activity where the writer express all the ideas in his mind or on a paper (print) from words to sentence, sentence to paragraph and from paragraph to essay

Behrens inReski (2009) defined writing as a process or an activity to mark letter or number on paper so the people can read it. Different from Behrens, Kroma and Bryne in Nurbaya (2006) define writing is expression of the writer’s ideas by producing graphic symbol to form words, words to sentences, and sentences to paragraph on the paper so the reader can follow what the writer means. Bryne in same line adds that the most important one in writing is how to make the communication successful that it should be readable and understandable to the reader.

Based on the definition above, the researcher concludes that writing is a kind of activity process that put our ideas, experience, and feeling into paper in order to make a communication between the writer and the reader


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