Concept of Guessing Game

 Concept of Guessing Game

1.      Definition of Guessing Game

According to Leon and Cery (2009: 17) Guessing Games is a game that someone knows something and the others must find out what it is. There are many games and variations based on this simple idea.

Klippel (1994) defines the Guessing games is game in which the participates compete individually or team in the identification of something indicate obscurely. The basic rule of guessing games is eminently simple; one person knows something that another one wants to find out

Nortern (2000:71) explain this activity focuses on the art of clear information. It develops the communication strategies and competence of the students and encourages think in a creative and imaginative manner about what they are attempting to describe. It obliges pupils to think quickly and to explore different ways.

Based on the definition, it can be conclude that guessing games is a game in which a person or participant knows something and competes individually or in a team to identify or to find out it.


2.      The Procedure of Guessing Game

Nortern (2000:71) defines the procedure of guessing game as follows:

a.       Make group of the classroom three or four students

b.      Each group receives an envelope containing word cards. Each card should contain the key word at the top as well as a list of, at maximum, The aim of the game is for each group to explain their word to other groups without using the words listed. If a group correctly guesses what the word is, they receive a point. The group doing the description also receive a point

c.       The students over their words and have an allocated time to consider in their groups how they might explain them, the students should bounce ideas off each other.

d.      Each group takes it in turn to describe one of their words within a time limit. Other groups might write down their guess.

Based on Leon and Cery (2009: 31) the procedure of guessing game as follow:

a.       Divide the whole class in small groups of four students.

b.      Give each group a different object

c.       Find the real name for another creative word

d.      Writing the descriptive of the object

e.       Read text in front of class and the other group try to find out the word

In addition Adela and Mcmilan (2004) the step of guessing game can defines of the following procedure

a.       Prepare an advance white cardboard card

b.       Write the description of the pictures in cardboard card

c.       Type or write the text

d.      Print the pictures of the animal assigned



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