Definition of Short Story

 Definition of Short Story

Colibaba (2010: 222) A short story is a narrative fiction in prose (story) that is short? One may proceed either inductively or deductively. Keegan  (2003)  defines  short  story  as  a  narrative,  rarely  over  10,000  words  or below  500  words,  more  commonly  1,500-5,  00  words-a  single-sitting  read,  but with enough time and weight to move the reader.

Short  story,  according to Hornby (1987:1187)  is a story, usually about imaginary characters and events that is short enough  to be read from beginning to end without stopping. short story is a short work of fiction that tend to be less complex than novel. Usually, a short story will focus on only one incident,  has a single plot, a  single setting, a limited number of characters, and covers a short period of time.

Abrams,  (1970:158) as a narrative that can be read at one sitting of from one-half hour to two hours, and that is limited to „a certain unique or single effect,‟ to which every detail is subordinate”, seems to be the most suitable one to  use  in  public  schools

Lucas (1980: 20) The  short  story  is  probably the  most  pleasurable  of the  literary genres for  young  people.  A  good  story  can be  understood  and  appreciated  at  many  different  levels on  the other  hand  can  provide  as  much  intellectual  stimulation as  the  other genres but  it  is  much  easier  to  appreciate. It  has  a  beginning  and  an  end,  the  satisfying  familiarity of  narrative  and  is  a  complete  experience  in  itself.  Its brevity  and  story  line  hold  the  interest  of  young readers  without  taxing  their  patience


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