Narrative Text The Story of Cindelaras with 10 multiples choices test dan key answer

The Story of Cindelaras

           Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Jenggala, there lived a young boy named Cindelaras. He was raised by an old widow in a humble cottage at the edge of the forest. Despite his humble beginnings, Cindelaras possessed a magical rooster inherited from his late father, which had the ability to crow loudly and could understand human speech. One day, the King of Jenggala announced a cockfighting competition, promising a grand prize to the owner of the winning rooster.

          Cindelaras decided to enter the competition with his magical rooster, and they emerged victorious, defeating all other roosters. The King, intrigued by the extraordinary rooster, invited Cindelaras to his palace. However, the King's jealousy was aroused when he learned that Cindelaras' rooster was more magnificent than his own prized rooster. In a fit of rage, the King ordered his soldiers to seize Cindelaras' rooster and throw it into a deep well.

          Heartbroken, Cindelaras prayed to the gods for help, and miraculously, his rooster emerged from the well unharmed. With the help of his magical rooster, Cindelaras confronted the King, revealing his true identity as the rightful heir to the throne. Impressed by Cindelaras' bravery and the magical rooster's loyalty, the King abdicated his throne, and Cindelaras ascended as the new ruler of Jenggala, bringing prosperity and happiness to the kingdom.

Multiple choice questions:

1. What was the name of the kingdom where Cindelaras lived?

a) Jenggala

b) Majapahit

c) Mataram

d) Kediri

2. Who raised Cindelaras?

a) His father

b) An old widow

c) The King

d) His grandmother

3. What special ability did Cindelaras' rooster possess?

a) Flying

b) Talking

c) Singing

d) Dancing

4. What competition did the King of Jenggala announce?

a) Archery

b) Cockfighting

c) Horse racing

d) Chess

5. How did the King react when he saw Cindelaras' rooster win the competition?

a) He was happy

b) He was jealous

c) He was indifferent

d) He was sad

6. What did the King order his soldiers to do to Cindelaras' rooster?

a) Kill it

b) Throw it into a well

c) Gift it to Cindelaras

d) Worship it

7. How did Cindelaras' rooster emerge from the well?

a) Unharmed

b) Injured

c) Dead

d) With wings

8. What did Cindelaras do after his rooster emerged from the well?

a) Ran away

b) Cried

c) Confronted the King

d) Hid in the forest

9. What did Cindelaras reveal to the King?

a) His magical powers

b) His true identity

c) His love for the kingdom

d) His secret treasure

10. How did the story end?

a) Cindelaras became a farmer

b) The King banished Cindelaras

c) Cindelaras ascended as the new ruler

d) The magical rooster disappeared forever

Answer key:

  1. a) Jenggala
  2. b) An old widow
  3. b) Talking
  4. b) Cockfighting
  5. b) He was jealous
  6. b) Throw it into a well
  7. a) Unharmed
  8. c) Confronted the King
  9. b) His true identity
  10. c) Cindelaras ascended as the new ruler

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