Narrative Text The Legend of Sangkuriang with 10 multiples choice test and 10 essay test also key answer

The Legend of Sangkuriang

           Long ago, in the lush forests of West Java, there lived a handsome young man named Sangkuriang. He was the son of a beautiful widow named Dayang Sumbi. Sangkuriang was strong, brave, and skilled in hunting, but he was also arrogant and reckless.

          One day, while hunting in the forest, Sangkuriang stumbled upon a beautiful maiden named Dayang Sumbi. Not knowing that she was his own mother, Sangkuriang was captivated by her beauty and charm. They soon fell deeply in love and decided to get married.

           As the wedding day approached, Dayang Sumbi noticed a scar on Sangkuriang's forehead. She realized with horror that he was her own son, whom she had abandoned many years ago. Desperate to stop the wedding, Dayang Sumbi devised a plan.

          She told Sangkuriang that she would only marry him if he could build her a huge lake and a boat overnight. Sangkuriang, eager to please his beloved, accepted the challenge. Using his supernatural powers, he worked tirelessly to create the lake and the boat.

          But as dawn approached and Sangkuriang was almost finished, Dayang Sumbi saw the first light of the morning and knew that time was running out. She cleverly tricked Sangkuriang by creating the illusion of daylight with torches and roosters crowing.

          Believing that he had failed the task, Sangkuriang flew into a rage and kicked the boat, which turned into a mountain known as Mount Tangkuban Perahu. The lake he had created became the beautiful Lake Bandung.

          Heartbroken and filled with regret, Sangkuriang wandered the earth, never to return. Dayang Sumbi, mourning the loss of her son, spent her days by the shores of Lake Bandung, hoping for his return.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. What was Sangkuriang's main flaw?

a) Arrogance and recklessness

b) Kindness and humility

c) Intelligence and wisdom

d) Generosity and patience

2. Who was Dayang Sumbi to Sangkuriang?

a) His sister

b) His mother

c) His lover

d) His aunt

3. What task did Dayang Sumbi give Sangkuriang to prevent their marriage?

a) Build her a house

b) Create a lake and a boat overnight

c) Bring her a precious jewel

d) Capture a mythical creature

4. What did Sangkuriang create that turned into Mount Tangkuban Perahu?

a) A boat

b) A house

c) A garden

d) A bridge

5. What did Dayang Sumbi use to trick Sangkuriang into thinking it was daylight?

a) Mirrors

b) Torches and roosters crowing

c) Lanterns

d) Fog machines

6. What was the result of Sangkuriang's rage?

a) He built the lake and the boat successfully

b) He married Dayang Sumbi

c) He turned the boat into a mountain

d) He apologized to Dayang Sumbi

7. Where did Sangkuriang wander after his failed attempt?

a) He wandered the forests of West Java

b) He traveled to distant lands

c) He returned to his mother's house

d) He disappeared without a trace

8. What did Dayang Sumbi do after Sangkuriang left?

a) She remarried

b) She built a shrine for him

c) She continued to wait for his return by Lake Bandung

d) She moved away from the area

9. What was the name of the lake Sangkuriang created?

a) Lake Toba

b) Lake Bandung

c) Lake Tangkuban Perahu

d) Lake Placid

10. What moral lesson can be learned from the legend of Sangkuriang?

a) The importance of honesty and communication

b) The danger of arrogance and recklessness

c) The power of love to overcome obstacles

d) The significance of perseverance and hard work

Essay Test:

  1. Discuss Sangkuriang's character flaws and how they contribute to the outcome of the story.
  2. Analyze Dayang Sumbi's role in the legend and how her actions influence the plot.
  3. Describe the significance of the tasks Dayang Sumbi sets for Sangkuriang and their symbolic meaning.
  4. Explain the transformation of the boat into Mount Tangkuban Perahu and its symbolic significance.
  5. Discuss the theme of deception in the legend and its impact on the characters.
  6. Explore the motif of supernatural elements in the story and their role in shaping events.
  7. Analyze Sangkuriang's reaction to his failure and its implications for his character development.
  8. Discuss the theme of fate versus free will in the legend and how it is portrayed.
  9. Describe the cultural significance of the legend of Sangkuriang in Indonesian folklore.
  10. Reflect on the moral lessons conveyed in the legend and their relevance to contemporary society.

Key Answers:

Multiple Choice:

  1. a) Arrogance and recklessness
  2. b) His mother
  3. b) Create a lake and a boat overnight
  4. a) A boat
  5. b) Torches and roosters crowing
  6. c) He turned the boat into a mountain
  7. b) He traveled to distant lands
  8. c) She continued to wait for his return by Lake Bandung
  9. b) Lake Bandung
  10. b) The danger of arrogance and recklessness


(Answers may vary but should demonstrate understanding of the themes, characters, and symbolism in the legend.)

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