Narrative Text The Legend of Kancil with 10 essay test dan key answer

The Legend of Kancil

          Long ago, in the lush forests of Southeast Asia, there lived a cunning and resourceful mouse deer named Kancil. Despite his small size, Kancil possessed extraordinary wit and intelligence, which he often used to outsmart larger and more powerful animals. One day, as Kancil ventured deeper into the forest in search of food, he encountered a fierce tiger blocking his path.

          The tiger, known for his ferocity and hunger for prey, demanded that Kancil surrender himself as his next meal. However, instead of cowering in fear, Kancil calmly replied, "I am but a humble creature, too small to satisfy your hunger. But if you spare my life, I can lead you to a much larger and more delicious feast." Intrigued by Kancil's proposal, the tiger agreed to follow him.

          Using his sharp wit, Kancil led the tiger to a nearby village where the humans had set traps to catch wild animals. As the tiger pounced on the unsuspecting villagers, he soon found himself ensnared in one of the traps. Meanwhile, Kancil watched from a safe distance, laughing at the tiger's misfortune. With the tiger trapped and unable to harm him, Kancil continued on his way, outsmarting any obstacle that crossed his path.

          In the end, Kancil's cleverness and quick thinking allowed him to outwit even the fiercest predators of the forest, earning him a legendary reputation among both animals and humans alike. His tale serves as a timeless reminder that intelligence and cunning are often more powerful than brute strength, and that even the smallest of creatures can achieve greatness through wit and ingenuity.

Essay Test:

1. Describe the main character in "The Legend of Kancil" and explain why he is considered cunning and resourceful.

Answer: The main character, Kancil, is a mouse deer known for his extraordinary wit and intelligence. He is considered cunning and resourceful because he consistently outsmarts larger and more powerful animals, such as the fierce tiger, using his sharp wit and quick thinking.

2. How does Kancil trick the tiger in the story?

Answer: Kancil tricks the tiger by offering to lead him to a larger and more delicious feast, which turns out to be a village where humans have set traps to catch wild animals. While the tiger is distracted by the promise of food, Kancil leads him into one of the traps, ultimately trapping the tiger instead.

3. What is the moral lesson conveyed in "The Legend of Kancil"?

Answer: The moral lesson conveyed in the story is that intelligence and cunning are often more powerful than brute strength. It teaches us that even the smallest of creatures, like Kancil, can achieve greatness through wit and ingenuity.

4. How does Kancil's reputation change throughout the story?

Answer: Initially, Kancil is known as a cunning and resourceful mouse deer. As the story progresses, his reputation grows even more legendary among both animals and humans alike due to his ability to outwit even the fiercest predators of the forest.

5. What role does the tiger play in the story, and how does it contribute to the plot?

Answer: The tiger serves as the antagonist in the story, posing a threat to Kancil and other forest creatures. His encounter with Kancil drives much of the plot, as Kancil's cleverness and quick thinking are put to the test in outsmarting the tiger.

6. Discuss the significance of the setting in "The Legend of Kancil."

Answer: The setting of the lush forests of Southeast Asia provides the backdrop for the story's events and plays a crucial role in shaping the characters' actions and interactions. It highlights the natural beauty and dangers of the wilderness, where survival often depends on wit and cunning.

7. How does Kancil's size influence the way other characters perceive him?

Answer: Despite his small size, Kancil's intelligence and cunning earn him respect and admiration from both animals and humans alike. His size becomes an advantage as he is able to navigate through the forest unnoticed and outwit larger predators.

8. Analyze the relationship between Kancil and the other animals in the forest.

Answer: Kancil's relationship with other animals in the forest is complex. While he is admired for his intelligence and resourcefulness, he also faces threats from larger predators like the tiger. Nonetheless, Kancil's ability to outsmart these predators earns him a degree of respect and fear from other animals.

9. What are some traits of Kancil that make him a memorable character?

Answer: Kancil's sharp wit, cunning, and ability to think quickly on his feet make him a memorable character. His daring escapades and legendary reputation as a trickster add depth and complexity to his character.

10. How does the legend of Kancil continue to resonate with audiences today?

Answer: The legend of Kancil continues to resonate with audiences today because it offers timeless lessons about the power of intelligence and wit over brute strength. It serves as a reminder that even the smallest and seemingly insignificant individuals can achieve greatness through cleverness and resourcefulness.

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