Narrative Text The Legend of Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan with 10 multiples choice test and 10 essay test also key answer

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The Legend of Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan

          Once upon a time, in a small village in Java, there lived a young and handsome man named Jaka Tarub. He was an orphan, raised by his aunt. Despite his unfortunate circumstances, Jaka Tarub was known for his kindness and generosity.

          One day, while wandering in the forest, Jaka Tarub stumbled upon a group of heavenly nymphs, known as the Widadari, bathing in a clear pond. Entranced by their beauty, he hid behind a bush and watched them in awe. Among the nymphs, he noticed one who stood out from the rest—Nawang Wulan, the most beautiful of them all.

          Unable to resist his curiosity, Jaka Tarub approached Nawang Wulan and confessed his love for her. Surprisingly, Nawang Wulan reciprocated his feelings and agreed to marry him, on one condition: he must never reveal her true identity as a celestial being.

          Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan lived happily together, and soon, Nawang Wulan gave birth to their child. However, as years went by, Jaka Tarub's curiosity got the better of him. One day, unable to contain his secret any longer, he revealed Nawang Wulan's true identity to his friends.

          Heartbroken and betrayed, Nawang Wulan transformed back into her celestial form and disappeared, leaving Jaka Tarub and their child behind. Regretful of his actions, Jaka Tarub spent the rest of his days searching for Nawang Wulan, but she was never seen again.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. What is the name of the protagonist in the story?

a) Nawang Wulan

b) Jaka Tarub

c) Widadari

d) Auntie

2. How did Jaka Tarub meet Nawang Wulan?

a) In the market

b) At a festival

c) While wandering in the forest

d) At a temple

3. What is Nawang Wulan's condition for marrying Jaka Tarub?

a) He must become rich

b) He must never reveal her true identity

c) He must leave the village

d) He must prove his bravery

4. What happens when Jaka Tarub reveals Nawang Wulan's true identity?

a) They live happily ever after

b) Nawang Wulan transforms into a dragon

c) Nawang Wulan disappears

d) Jaka Tarub becomes a king

5. What is the consequence of Jaka Tarub breaking Nawang Wulan's condition?

a) He becomes rich

b) He loses his memory

c) Nawang Wulan forgives him

d) Nawang Wulan leaves him

6. What were the celestial beings known as?

a) Humans

b) Widadari

c) Animals

d) Spirits

7. How did Jaka Tarub feel after Nawang Wulan disappeared?

a) Happy

b) Angry

c) Sad

d) Indifferent

8. Who raised Jaka Tarub?

a) His parents

b) His uncle

c) His aunt

d) His grandparents

9. What did Jaka Tarub do for a living?

a) Farmer

b) Hunter

c) Blacksmith

d) Trader

10. What was the name of the nymph Jaka Tarub fell in love with?

a) Sari

b) Nawang Wulan

c) Dewi

d) Sinta

Essay Test:

  1. Describe the main characters in the story and their roles.
  2. Explain the significance of the condition Nawang Wulan sets for marrying Jaka Tarub.
  3. Discuss the theme of curiosity and its consequences in the story.
  4. Analyze the transformation of Nawang Wulan and its symbolism.
  5. Compare and contrast Jaka Tarub's life before and after meeting Nawang Wulan.
  6. Evaluate the impact of betrayal on the characters' lives.
  7. Explore the role of folklore and mythology in shaping the narrative.
  8. Reflect on the moral lessons one can learn from the legend of Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan.
  9. Discuss the cultural significance of celestial beings in Indonesian folklore.
  10. Imagine an alternate ending to the story and explain how it would change the narrative.

Answer Key:

Multiple Choice Test:

  1. b) Jaka Tarub
  2. c) While wandering in the forest
  3. b) He must never reveal her true identity
  4. c) Nawang Wulan disappears
  5. d) Nawang Wulan leaves him
  6. b) Widadari
  7. c) Sad
  8. c) His aunt
  9. a) Farmer
  10. b) Nawang Wulan

Essay Test: (Answers may vary, but should demonstrate understanding of the story and its themes.)

  1. (Sample answer) Jaka Tarub is the protagonist, an orphan raised by his aunt, known for his kindness. Nawang Wulan is a celestial being, the most beautiful among the Widadari, who falls in love with Jaka Tarub.
  2. (Sample answer) Nawang Wulan's condition symbolizes the importance of trust and the consequences of breaking promises.
  3. (Sample answer) Curiosity leads Jaka Tarub to reveal Nawang Wulan's identity, resulting in her disappearance and his regret.
  4. (Sample answer) Nawang Wulan's transformation represents the ephemeral nature of beauty and the consequences of revealing secrets.
  5. (Sample answer) Before meeting Nawang Wulan, Jaka Tarub is an ordinary villager, but after her disappearance, he becomes a sorrowful wanderer.
  6. (Sample answer) Betrayal causes emotional turmoil for both Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan, leading to their separation.
  7. (Sample answer) The legend draws on Indonesian folklore to convey moral lessons and cultural values.
  8. (Sample answer) The story teaches about trust, loyalty, and the importance of keeping promises.
  9. (Sample answer) Celestial beings reflect Indonesia's rich mythology and belief in supernatural entities.
  10. (Sample answer) In an alternate ending, Nawang Wulan forgives Jaka Tarub, allowing them to reunite and live happily ever after.

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