The Procedure of Using Jigsaw

The Procedure of Using Jigsaw

Mari and Gumel (2015) group  members  also  showed  an  increased ability  in  taking  on  other  perspective  in  role  taking  and promoting social sensitivity. Proposed the following steps to be followed while adopting this model:

1)      Divide students into 5- or 6-person Jigsaw groups. The groups  should  be  diverse  in  terms  of  gender,  ethnicity, race, and ability.

2)      Appoint  one  student  from  each  group  as  the  leader. Initially, this person should be the most mature student in the group.

3)      Divide the day's lesson into 5-6 segments  corresponding to the number of the groups.

4)      Assign each student to learn one segment, making sure students have direct access only to their own segment.

5)      Give  students  time  to  read  over  their  segment  at  least twice and become familiar with it. There is no need for them to memorize it.

6)      Form temporary "expert groups" by having one student from each Jigsaw group join other  students  assigned  to the same segment. Give students in these expert groups time to discuss the main points of their segment and to rehearse the presentations they will make to their Jigsaw group. 

7)      Bring the students back into their Jigsaw groups.

8)      Ask  each  student  to  present  her  or  his  segment  to  the group.  Encourage  others  in  the  group  to  ask  questions for clarification.

9)      Float from group to group, observing the process. If any group is having trouble (e.g., a member is dominating or disruptive),  make  an  appropriate  intervention. Eventually,  it's  best  for  the  group  leader  to  handle  this task. Leaders can be trained by whispering an instruction on how to intervene, until the leader gets the hang of it.

10)  Give quiz at the end of the session on the material learnt (p. 198).

The reseracher use the procedure of Jigsaw from Mari and Gumel because Mari and Gumel use the complete step while the other expert. Mari and Gumel provide the procedure of Jigsaw from devide the group of students until give a assigment and quiz as a addition in this procedure.


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