The Procedure of reading Aloud

  The Procedure of reading Aloud

Based on Fox. M (2001: 2) The procedure of reading aloud as follows

a.       Read short sections of books or articles aloud to catch your child’s attention. Encourage her to read the rest on her own.

b.      Call your child’s attention to an illustration or photo on the cover of a book or magazine. Ask what he thinks about it. Encourage your child to read the book or article, and then discuss it with him.

c.       Encourage your child to read aloud to younger brothers, sisters, cousins, or family friends. All children will benefit.

In addition Terblanche (2002) defines the procedure of reading aloud following:

a.       Teachers differ in their read-aloud strategy mainly in the amount of discussion during and after the reading.

b.      Encourage children to discuss the story during the read aloud session; others leave the discussions until the end. 

c.       Involving students interactively while reading the story aloud helps improve comprehension and engagement, and

d.      Post reading discussions encourage students to link the story events to their personal experiences


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