The Procedure of Mime Games

The Procedure of Mime Games

Coplan, Garton & Davis (2012: 8) point out this is a simple but fun way for children to practice a vocabulary or grammar point through  a guessing game with mime. Preparation make flashcards with a picture of a different action on each one. Actions could include, run, jump, cry, laugh, run, sleep, cough, stretch, brush, clap, smile, walk, sit, stand, write, read, listen, speak, wash, wriggle, sneeze, blink, wink, turn. The procedure as follows. 

a.       Show the picture cards one at a time to the whole class. Elicit the verbs illustrated and practise the pronunciation of each one. Ask the children to mime the action.

b.      Divide the class into groups of two or three. Each group decides who will mime and who  will guess. Decide which group will go first and say that each group will have two minutes  to guess as many actions as they can.

c.       Bring the first group to the front of the class. Ask the child who will mime to stand so all the children in the class can see. Give the child the first card. They mime the action on the card. The group has to guess what the mime is by calling out, for example, ‘you are running/you’re running’. If they guess correctly, they take the card and the teacher gives the child a new card. If they don’t know, they say ‘next one’, the card goes back to the bottom of the pile and the child continues to the next card.

d.      After two minutes, the group counts the number of cards it has collected and records the number on the board. The cards are given back to the teacher, and the second group comes to the front to guess.

e.        The winning group is the one with most points recorded on the board describe In Mime the Words, the Describer is allowed to say the topic and nothing else. Instead, he Describer must describe the words on the Guess What? card using mime.

a.       Have students (the players) sit in groups of 3–5. Seat the players in a circle so they are all facing each other.

b.      Give each group 5–10  Guess What? cards or put the cards in a box, bag, or basket (where players cannot see them) in the center of the classroom.

c.       Select one player to start in the role of Describer. The remaining players will be Guessers.

d.      The Describer selects a Guess What? card but does not show the card to anyone. The Describer should then tell members of the group (the Guessers) the card’s topic.

e.       The Describer should then describe each of the six words using only mime (describ-ing with actions rather than words). The Describer cannot speak, but the Guessers may ask questions as the Describer acts out the words without speaking.

f.       The Describer repeats this process for all six words on the card.

g.      When all the words have been guessed, the round is over.

h.      Another player takes the role of Describer and begins the next round.

i.        End the game after the specified amount of time.


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