Teaching Pronunciation

Teaching Pronunciation

              Teaching pronunciation in a high  school  is  very  essential.  Teacher  should gives  certain  attention  in  teaching  pronunciation  and  decide  the  area  of  sounds  that become the basic need for students. Native-like pronunciation is difficult for most young learners to achieve in a foreign language.

              The achievement of it requires not only skilled teaching but also a high level of internal motivation of the student. Most young learners are satisfied with reasonably  intelligible  speech  in  the  second  language  and  this  is  an  acceptable  goal for the English Foreign Language teacher. The teacher should give assistance during the  regular  speaking  lesson  to  students  who  are  having  difficulty  with  particular sounds.  The  particular  sounds  that  students  will  find  it  difficult  will  differ  for different language backgrounds.  The Objectives of Teaching Pronunciation, here are some objectives of teaching pronunciation:

a.       Ability

The  pronunciation  should  enable  learners  to  surpass  the  threshold  level  so that  their  pronunciation  will  not  detract  from  their  ability  to  communicate  (Celce-Murcia, et al. 1996: 8).

b.      Consistency

              The pronunciation should be smooth and natural.

c.       Intelligibility

The  pronunciation  should  be  understandable  to  the  listeners. 

d.      Communicative Efficiency

The pronunciation should help to convey the meaning that is intended by the speaker.

Based  on  the  goals  above,  the  intelligibility  is  considered  the  main  goal  of pronunciation since the idea of pronunciation is to enable the listeners to understand what  the  speaker  says.  The  main  goal  of  pronunciation for  the  learners  is  can  be  comfortably  intelligible.  It  means  that  the  conversation between  the  speaker  and  the  listener can be comfortable. It is not the condition where  the  speaker  and  the  listener  speak  a  native-like  pronunciation,  but  both  the speaker and the listener understand each other.


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