The Benefit or Advantage of Using Internet in Teaching

The Benefit or Advantage of Using Internet in Teaching

Clinch and Richards (2002: 110) Most physics teachers that we have spoken to have no intention of using computers in their lessons purely for the sake of it. The following criteria can be used to indicate when you should be using the Internet:

a.    You feel your current mode of delivery of a particular topic or could be made more interesting.

b.    Students find a particular concept difficult to grasp. Computer graphics are particularly useful for illustrating things that cannot be observed directly, e.g. the motion of particles in a gas.

c.    Simulations of experiments are best left to situations where the practical is in accessible to the students for reasons of safety or equipment availability.

d.   Where students need to gather information/carry out research.

Agarwal (2010: 5) Computers with internet resources can be used effectively in classrooms if teachers use the following structure of language learning.

1.    Select computer materials that are going to be used i.e. a program or the internet resources.

2.    Plan the lesson. Teachers can decide to use internet resources to explain topics or whether to take online quizzes. The plan of the lesson also depends on the following: the size of a class student motivation and course learning objectives.

3.    Make the computer class ready before lessons. This means loading the computer with the chosen material ahead of time.

4.    Divide the class into several groups with at least one student who is good at computers and the language to be learned so that more experienced students can help the others.

5.    Encourage students to use several online resources for the topic given and take quizzes.

6.    If there is not enough of online resources or if students do not  understand the topic, a teacher should be always around to explain it using the classical approach.

7.    Make students take at least one quiz on each language learning part i.e. reading, writing, listening and conversation.

8.    Ask students to submit their assignments electronically to your e-mail.


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