The Advantages of PWIM

The Advantages of PWIM

The following list of advantages of the PWIM is drawn from Calhoun (1999:30).

a.         The strategy emphasizes phonics, grammar, mechanics, and usage of  standard English.

b.        Pictures provide concrete referents for the learning of new words, phrases, and sentences.

c.         Because students are using pictures related to content material under study, they feel a part of the classroom community and can participate in class activities.

d.        The picture word chart serves as an immediate reference to enable students to add these words to their sight vocabulary. The teacher can choose to emphasize almost any sound and symbol relationship (introduced or taken to mastery).

e.         Students are assisted in seeing the patterns and relationships of the English language, enabling them to apply this learning to newly encountered words.

f.         Students hear and see words spelled correctly and participate in the correct spelling and writing.

g.        Learners benefit from the teacher modeling of the key words and concepts. With extensive practice, they can begin to learn how to create sentences and paragraphs related to the subject under study.


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