The Advantages of Board Game

The Advantages of Board Game

According to Treher (2011: 3) board games provide exceptional, cost-effective resources. They

a.       Incorporate heads- and hands-on learning

b.       Summarize and reinforce important information in an easy-to-grasp format

c.       Reduce the time needed to learn, remember, and apply new information

d.      Promote discussion, collaboration, and build communication

Board games are very interesting since it requires students’ competitiveness. They  will  not  have  another  choice  for  becoming  silent  since  they  will  be  afraid  of looking not too smart in front of their friends. Teen ages are the era of having really high fighting spirit. The competitive behavioral can be used to drive them to use the nature in a good way.

During the games, the students will learn to correct grammatical mistakes within the given sentences and write down the correct forms in a piece of paper. By doing this  again  and  again,  they  will  unconsciously  learn  to  write  sentences  with  correct grammatical forms and will sharpen their understanding of grammar.


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