Increasing the Students’ Vocabulary Mastery by Using Bingo Gamed at the Seven Grade Students of SMP



1.1  Background of the Study

Teaching English in our country has been developed extensively because English is an international language in the world. Therefore, Indonesian government has brought it as a local since at the elementary school.English  has  four  skill,there  are  listening,speaking,reading  and  writing.the  four  basic  skills  are supposed  to  be  supported by  other language  sub  skill.they  are  pronunciation,vocabulary,and  grammar. In teaching English vocabulary as an element or language is considered as the most important factor in increasing the mastered if the students are still lacking of vocabulary. Vocabulary is a part of language learning that need continuing growth and development by both native and non native speakers long after grammar and pronunciation elementary school until senior high Scholl. In language teaching preparation program in our country, more and attention being given to improve some technique for teaching vocabulary.

Ferreira (2007: 11) stated that vocabulary as a powerful carrier of meaning and the knowledge of words and their meanings. This means that without establishing a strong vocabulary base first, comprehension and use of a language will not be achieved. In addition, the student should be able to recognize words, and know their meanings as well. Thus, when a student is effectively able to recognize and use a word in different contexts, speak, write, pronounce the word well, she/he has the knowledge and meaning of that word.

Learning vocabulary as a foreign language seems easy but some students feel fear. The teacher of English should find out solution by crating efficient and effective technique of teaching in teaching English vocabulary, besides that, the teachers should establish condition which makes teaching vocabulary possible. The learning will occur within reasonable period of time.

Based on the result in interview with the English teacher at the at the seven grade students of SMP. The English teacher said that the students achievement in vocabulary still lack where the students still got value average under standard vocabulary in curriculum 6,5. Because the students were lazy to memorize unfamiliar word, they difficulties in understanding the word meaning, the student were bored and the students do not have high motivation in learn.

Realizing to the vocabulary problem above one of better way and easier to teach English, especially vocabulary to students is by using  games, games and fun activities have always been one of everybody’s favorite things to doing a class, both for teachers and students, because  the game  could  be  an  alternative or variation  in  the methods of  English  teaching  for teachers.With  game, students will  not  feel  bored  in  learning  English.But the students will become critical and active in learning English and also the use of game is stimulate the students such as Bingo Game.

According to Lopez (2009: 24) Bingo Game is a game the whole class or small groups can play.  The teacher can serve as the caller, or students can take turns serving as the caller. The basic idea  behind Vocabulary BINGO is to encourage students to study and review their vocabulary words. The caller calls out the definition, then the players have to determine if their BINGO card has the word that matches the definition.

Based on the explanation above there searcher is interested to conduct a research entitledIncreasing the Students’ Vocabulary Mastery by Using Bingo Gamed at the Seven Grade Students of SMP

1.2  Problem of the Study

Related to the background above, the writer formulates a research questions as follows:

1.      Does Bingo Game able  to   improve the students score in  vocabulary  mastery in the second language at the Seven Grade Students of SMP?

1.3  Purpose of the Study

Base on the explanation above in background and problem of the study the researcher formulated the objective of the research as follows:

1.      To know the  students  level  of mastery  vocabulary by using bingo  games  at the Seven Grade Students of SMP.

1.4  Scope and Limitation of the Study

This research limited on the students’ achievement in vocabulary by using Bingo Game to second language students. The scope of this study is restricted to extent in using of reading that can enrich the students’ vocabulary especially to nouns (words formation) and verb (words formation).so that, the students have capability in English.

1.5   Significance of the Study

This research will be expected to be useful information for many people in learning process, such as:

1.      English teachers

 this research is expected to give positive results in teaching learning vocabulary.

2.      Students

 this research is expected to increase the students’ vocabulary.

3.       Researcher

 this research is expected to the other researchers who want to conduct more complex research especially in this research.


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