Improving the Students’ Vocabulary Mastery Through Chinese Mime Games at the First Year Students of Junior High School





            This chapter consists of background, problem statement, objective of the research, significant of the research and scope of the research. 

A.  Background

Teaching English in our country has been developed extensively because English is an international language in the world. Therefore, Indonesian government has brought it as a local since at the elementary school. In teaching English vocabulary as an element or language is considered as the most important factor in increasing the mastered if the students are still lacking of vocabulary. Vocabulary is a part of language learning that need continuing growth and development by both native and non native speakers long after grammar and pronunciation elementary school until senior high Scholl. In language teaching preparation program in our country, more and attention being given to improve some technique for teaching vocabulary.

Learning vocabulary as a foreign language seems easy but some students feel fear. The teacher of English should find out solution by crating efficient and effective technique of teaching in teaching English vocabulary, besides that, the teachers should establish condition which makes teaching vocabulary possible. The learning will occur within reasonable period of time. Vocabulary is when we speak and write; the term expressive vocabulary is used to refer to both since these are the vocabularies we use to express ourselves. We “understand” vocabulary when we listen to speech and when we read (Pikulski & Templeton 2004: 1).

Stahl (2005: 1) stated, “Vocabulary knowledge is knowledge; the knowledge of a word not only implies a definition,but also implies how that word fits into the world.” Consequently, researchers and practitioners alike seek to identify, clarify, and understand what it means for students “to know what a word means.

Realizing how important the vocabulary and how difficult students to build up the teachers of English have provided students with rich exciting exercise which are expected to help vocabulary mush be very helpful to improve the students’ ability in English communication. vocabulary is very important in a language, when we learn a language like English; we learn the words of language. Students must continue to learn words as they learn structure as they practice the target language. The vocabulary is needed very to master the four skills in English.

In fact, students’ mastery of English vocabulary is still lack. The students are also difficult to deliver their ideas because of their limitation of vocabulary. On the other hand, some students don’t have self-confidence speaking using that vocabulary. As consequence, students will be difficult to communicate to each other or share their opinion. So that, they should always improve their of vocabulary. Vocabulary not easy thing to do, we must be optimistic that can. Teacher has to make an effort to build their students’ vocabulary since students will have more opportunity to identify the words during the teaching and learning process.

In facilitating the students in learning vocabulary, English teachers should also provide materials that are appropriate with the curriculum and find suitable methods in teaching and learning process. Thus, media are to solve those problems. Media are important in teaching and learning English since they help both of the teacher and the students.

To help students understand the learning task or learning material is using Mime Games. Kerrigan (1999: 2) define mime as "Using your body to say something,"  or "Non-verbal communication."  This broader definition allows the students to understand that everyday gestures as well as the body language of our feelings are a good starting point for understanding the art form of mime.

Based on the explanation above the researcher will apply the Chinese Mime Games in teaching vocabulary at the classroom under the title “Improving the Students’ Vocabulary Mastery Through Chinese Mime Games at the First Year Students of Junior High School“ 

B.  Problem Statement

        By looking over the background, the researcher formulate the problem statement as follow: “Can the use of Ice Breaker improve the speaking ability of the seventh grade students of SMP ?” 

C.  Objective of the Research.

Based on the problem mentioned above, the objective of the study can be stated as follows “To find out the result of using Ice Breaker to improve students’ speaking ability achievement at the First Year Students of Junior High School”.

D.    Significance of the Research.

The significance of this study can  contribute some benefits to students and teachers. They are:

1.      It may motivate students to improve their interest in speaking sincethey will find out that English speaking materials are not always complicated, boring, monotonous, and discussing uninteresting matters only. It is expected that students will find out that they can learn English through many sources that they like. By using Ice Breaker as teaching media, hopefully, the students will improve their speaking ability, which finally will help them to master English well.

2.      It may show teacher that Ice Breaker and other forms of interesting ways can be used for teaching speaking. At least, those kinds of material will become a stimulantntto build students’ interest in speaking. Moreover, this will give teachers inspiration in improving their teaching method so that they can attract students and will finally improve the students’ mastery of the material that they taught.

E.  Scope of The Research

In the scope of the research, the researcher restricted of the effect to using vocabulary network and the vocabulary mastery in three sections namely:

1.      By discipline: this research is limited to the field of applied linguistics, the teaching subject in terms of speaking ability by using Ice Breaker.

2.      By contents: this research covered some component of speaking there are Mechanics (pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary).

3.      By activity: the researcher used two ways in teaching vocabulary, they were:

a.       For the experimental group, the researcher teach speaking by using Ice Breaker. The researcher Focus on building the group, planning an icebreaker, give yourself plenty of time to describe the activity and debrief the activity and use the discomfort as a topic for discussion.

b.      For the control group, the researcher teach speaking by using traditional method. The researcher prepare the text and then asks the students to speak.


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