Advantages of Number Head Together (NHT)

Advantages of Number Head Together (NHT)

There are some advantages of Number Head Together (NHT) technique: 

a.       Number  Head  Together  (NHT)  can improve students‟ academic achievement and be applied to almost all subject areas. According to Slavin (1995), quoted by Richard) cooperative learning strategies including NHT technique is helpful in  fostering  the  four  language  skills,  strengthening  grammar  and  vocabulary power, and improving English competence.

b.      Number Head Together (NHT) can increase students‟ engagement.

c.       Number  Head  Together  (NHT)  decreases  dominance  from  clever  students  so that  students‟ equal participation will be apparent. Since students have to answer  the  questions,  all  students  including  the  shy  or  weak  ones  should participate in reporting the answer.

d.      Number Head Together (NHT) motivates students to learn. NHT can motivate students since the technique has the sense of competition and fun for students. Besides,  students  will  be  motivated  because  they  are  helped  by  their teammates.  Being  motivated,  students  will  participate  actively  during  the lesson.

e.       Number  Head  Together  (NHT)  encourages  peer  tutoring  from  smart  students who  know  the  answer  to  other  team  members  who  do  not.  Having  to  tutor peers  and  receive  peer  tutoring    readers  the  exchange  of  information  much more dynamic than rote memorization and individual textbook work


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