Definition of Number Head Together Method (NHT)

Definition of Number Head Together Method

Numbered Heads Together is one of Cooperative Learning types which developed by Dr. Spencer Kagan. Numbered Heads Together is a cooperative learning strategy that holds each student accountable for learning the material. Students are placed in groups and each person is given a number (from one to the maximum number in each group). The teacher poses a question and students "put their heads together" to figure out the answer. The teacher calls a specific number to respond as spokesperson for the group

According to Jacobs and Hall (2004: 2) defines Numbered Heads Together encourages successful group functioning because all members need to know their group’s answers and because when students help their groupmates, they help themselves and the whole group.

Base on Lou (2005: 7) states this versatile can be used effectively for both memory level and higher order thinking activities.  Instead of answering questions, learners can brainstorm ideas, solve a problem, draw a diagram, invent a product, etc.

In addition Harper, Maheady & Mallette, (2006: 32) Number Head Together is one of the cooperative learning structures designed to engage all students to promote their academic and social interactions.

Based on the state above the writer have conclude that Number Head Together (NHT) is a strategy to improve the student ability with make a group, the student will be understand about the material given.


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