Definition of Ice Breaker

Definition of Ice Breaker

Peter (2010: 11-12) explain Ice Breaker is an active ice breaker that allows an interactive way of getting to know some commonalities and differences within the group. In addition BCIT Learning and Teaching Centre(2010: 8)Ice breakers are used to help students feel at ease about contributing in a cooperative environment

Deming (2004) Icebreaker is an activity designed to help people to get to know each other and usually involves sharing names and other background information. An icebreaker helps to clear the way for learning to occur by making the learners more comfortable and encouraging conversation.

Collard (2009: 50) as an ice-breaker, the directions are revised to read: "Each group is to build a model representing what it takes to be successful in college (or in this course)."  After building, each group has 3-5 minutes to explain its model, expressing what the group members believe leads to success in college (or in this course). Record qualities on the blackboard and discuss patterns afterwards. Group size should be 4-6 students, taking into considering the number of groups and the resulting time it will take for them to report on their models.

Drake (2014: 3) Icebreakers help to create readiness for learning, develop an environment conducive to learning, reduce student stress, create expectations for interaction, support students social needs, and prepare students for building an effective team, It is particularly important to develop ice breakers that enable students to get to know to you. their colleagues, the content, and the technology that will be utilized in the course.

Based on the explanation above the researcher conclude that Icebreakers are intended to “break the ice “ by helping people get to know each other and help group members work together as a team. Icebreakers are generally quick and easy to complete. Their singular goal is to help participants become more familiar with members of the group.


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