Narrative materials

According to New, Anita. (2009: 2) defines that narrative is the ability to tell a story, whether spoken or written, is a common and often complex form of communication. The primary purpose of narrative to describe an experience, event, or sequence of events in the form of a story and set the story up for your listener, describing the time, place, and your own involvement.

Sarbin (1986 : 9) also stresses the organizational aspect of narrative. The narrative is a way of organizing episodes, actions, and accounts of actions. It is an achievement that brings together mundane facts and fantastic creations; time and place are incorporated. The narrative allows for the inclusion of actors’ reasons for their acts, as well as the causes of happening.. Characteristics of Narrative


1.      Characteristics of  Narrative Materials

Ely, S (2010: 2) divides the characteristics of narrative as follow:

a.       Use storyline in chronological order  (time order)

b.      The point is what the writer or character learned from what happened

c.       Heavy on description, setting, plot and character

d.      Easy to visualize

2.      Generic Structure of  Narrative Materials

a.       Orientation, introduction of the story in which the characters, setting and time of the story are established. Usually answers who? when? where? and it is stated in the beginning of the story.

b.      Complication or problem, the complication usually involves the main character(s) (often mirroring the complications in real life).

c.       Resolution, there needs to be a resolution of the complication. The complication may be resolved for better or worse/happily or unhappily. Sometimes there are a number of complications that have to be resolved. These add and sustain interest and suspense for the reader.

The most important of the structures of narrative materials as a key to find out the information of the text.


3.      The Language Features of  Narrative Materials

According to Ministry of Education (2010: 98-106). The classification the features of the narrative text follows:

a.          Usually use simple past tense,

b.         Using action verb in the story related to the chronologically arranged of the story

c.        Using Connectives, linking words to do with time such as once upon a time, on the next day,etc and

d.       Using imagery such as metaphor for example "She has a heart of stone"

The language features of narrative text used to identifying the characteristics of the text and make the reader easy to understanding to materials.


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