Concept and Definition of Chinese Mime Games

 Concept and Definition of Chinese Mime Games

Chinese Mime Games is a kinds of Mime activities of guessing games. Donaldson (2004: 8) explain a wordless version of Chinese whispers or Chinese Mime Games.  Everyone except one person leaves the room, and the remaining person is given a simple task to mime, for example putting the rubbish out or having a shower.  The other players then go back into the room one at a time: the person who has been briefed mimes the task to the first person, then the second person enters and the first person mimes it to them, then the second person mimes it to the third, and so on.  Nobody may speak, except to call the next person into the room.  When the last person has seen the mime, they perform it back to everyone else and tell everyone what they thought they were doing.  Then the original actor performs the mime again, so that everyone can compare the original and final versions.

Crease & Court (2016: 2) explain the procedure of Chinese Mime Games Arrange the class in a circle.  Teacher whispers a  word  or  phrase  to  a  pupil.    Word  gets  whispered  around  the circle.  At the end of the circle the last pupil has to tell the rest of the class what they heard.

In addition (2016:2) point out the step of Chinese Mime Game start fromaAll stand facing the back of the person in front, with eyes closed. The leader taps the person in front on the shoulder, when they turn around mime an action. The mime is passed around the circle to see if it changes much.


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