Sárosdy and Bencze (2006: 13) Activities characteristic of the method:

1.      dialogue memorization

2.      expansion-drill  (This  drill  is  used  when  a  long  dialogue  is  giving  students trouble.  The  teacher  brakes  down  the  line  into  several  parts.  Following  the teacher’s  cue,  the  students  expand  what  they  are  repeating  part  by  part  until  they are able to repeat the entire line. The teacher begins with the part at the end of the sentence  and  works  backward  from  there  to  keep  the  intonation  of  the  line  as natural  as possible.  This  directs more student attention to the end of the sentence, where new information typically occurs.)

3.      Repetition drill

4.      Chain  drill  (The  teacher  begins  the  chain  of  conversation  by  greeting  a student  or  asking  him  a  question.  That  student  responds,  then  turns  to the student sitting  next  to  him  and  the  chain  will  be  continued.  The  chain  drill  allows  some controlled communication, even though it is limited.)

5.      Single-slot  substitution  drill  (The  teacher  says  a  line,  usually  from  the dialogue.  Next,  the  teacher  says  a  word  or  a  phrase-  called  a  cue.  The  students repeat  the  line  the  teacher  has  given  them  substituting  the  cue  into  the  line  in  its proper  place.  The  major  purpose  of  this  drill  is  to  give  the  students  practice  in finding and filling in the slots of a sentence.)

6.      Multiple-slot substitution drill (The teacher gives cue phrases, one at a time that fit into different slots in the dialogue line. The students have to recognize what part  of  speech  each  cue  is  where  it  fits  into  the  sentence  and  make  other  changes such as subject-verb agreement.)

7.      Transformation  drill  (Students  are  asked  fro  example  to  transform  an affirmative sentence into a negative one.)

8.      Question and answer drill 

9.      Use of minimal pairs (The teacher works with pairs of words which differ in only one sound eg. ship – sheep.)

10.  Gap-filling 

11.  Grammar game.


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