The Nature of Writing

 The Nature of Writing

Writing is one of four language skill; it communicates ideas by means of conversational symbol that are traced, incites, draw or otherwise formed on the surface or some materials. Writing gives permanence to men’s knowledge and enables them to communicate over great distance. This is excellence of writing compared to speaking because people may save message through writing longer than speaking. As one of language skill in English, writing is used to express ideas. In writing, the writer will be involved in the process of building the larger units of ideas from the larger ones.

Writing is a way of expressing ideas in order to  communicate  with  others.  By writing,  a  writer  can  express  his/her thoughts  or  ideas  on  the  paper.  Leo (2007:1)  says  that  writing  as  a process of expressing  ideas  or  thoughts  in  words should be done at our leisure.

Galbraith, D., van Waes, L., & Torrance, M. (2007: 1) explain the most obvious candidate for a universal feature is the fact that writing is a visual representation of spoken language. Whatever specific form of writing a writer is engaged in, they will have to be able to transcribe language according to the conventions of a particular writing system, and be able to decode visual symbols into their corresponding meanings.

Writing is difficult for several reasons. First, writer should be able to use proper grammar in order  to  make  a  good writing. Reid (1993:23) states “Writing  is just another way of practicing grammar.” 

Thus,  the  second  difficulty  in  writing is  that  the  writers  should  pay  attention  to the planning and organizing of the writing. Moreover,  Richards  (2002:303)  explains that  second  language  writers  have  to pay attention  to  higher  level  skill  of  planning and organizing as well as lower level skills of  spelling,  punctuation,  word  choice,  and so on. 

Third,  it  might  be  difficult  to  write  a good  writing  if  writers  difficult  to  use  a combination  of  content  and  proper punctuation  without  leaving  out  any important  information.  As Checkett  and Feng-Checkett (2004:7) claim that to make a good writing, a writer has to keep writing as  short  and  simple  as  possible  without leaving out any important information, and forbidden  to  use  slang  language  or confusing  expressions,  but  use  a combination  of  content  and  proper punctuation.


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