How to Make Fun English Teaching?

 How to Make Fun English Teaching?

Shin (2011: 6) Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) is a rapidly growing field around the world, and English education is increasingly found at the primary levels.  However, starting earlier is not necessarily the solution for producing better English speakers. Therefore, what can EFL teachers of young learners do to take advantage of the flexibility of young minds and the malleability of young tongues to grow better speakers of English?

a.       Supplement activities with visuals, realia, and movement.

Young learners tend to have short attention spans and a lot of physical energy. In addition, children are very much linked to their surroundings and are more interested in the physical and the tangible. Their own understanding comes through hands and eyes and ears. The physical world is dominant at all times.

1)      Use brightly colored visuals, toys, puppets or objects Community donations for toys and objects Create a“Visuals and Realia Bank”

2)      Use Total Physical Response (TPR)

b.      Involve students in making visuals and realia

Having children involved in creating the visuals that are related to the lesson helps engage students in the learning process by introducing them to the context as well as to relevant vocabulary items. Students are more likely to feel interested and invested in the lesson and will probably take better care of the materials.

1)      Students draw different characters for a story or make puppets, masks, play-do sculptures

2)      Collaborate with the art teacher to make the visuals you need for you activities Students contribute their own toys for the lesson (Show and tell)

c.       Teach in themes

A thematic unit, a series of lessons on the same topic or subject, can create broader contexts in which to teach language, recycle language from lesson to lesson, and allow students to focus more on content and communication than on language structure.

Common themes for YLs: animals, friends, family, environment, citizenship, shopping, or units revolving around a storybooks, e websites, celebrities, or movies students link Themes based on curricula from students’ other subjects are also effective


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