Concept of Picture Series

 Concept of Picture Series

Picture is a very common thing that we can find everywhere, in the street, school, office and other public places or even in our home. It is a very common media that we always enjoy and discuss in order to transfer the messages to the addresses; moreover, picture is the media or symbol that is used to communicate between the writers and the intended addresses. Nunan (2004:57) states that many communication activities can be stimulated through pictures. Either the use of picture or the message that is transferred through picture are different depend on the addresses, situation and place where the picture is put.

The picture can be used as a media in various fields, from social to science or from kindergarten to the post graduate students. In teaching and learning process, picture can be used as learning media. As a media, it provides many benefits and gives the real impression to the students. Picture is also used to get deeper understanding in comprehending learning topics especially in writing descriptive paragraph. As stated by Broughton et al. (2003:25) picture can convey the meaning beyond the immediate context. In teaching descriptive paragraph, picture helps students to describe their framework of their ideas such as making a plan what is going to write, how to put the ideas and how to present their ideas.

The picture is not only used as a visual material for the students but also it really effectively stimulates the students’ imaginative power. Turk (2003:75) states that a stimulating picture will arise the audience and improve their reception of a quite different massage. It helps the students stimulate their creative imagination to generate and develop new ideas. It also can inspire the students to begin writing about their thoughts and feeling. The students are able to express their ideas, thoughts and feeling when they are having inspiration and stimulation. Through picture, the students will easily find an enjoyable learning process as well as their imagination will creatively developed. In learning descriptive paragraph, the use of picture series is really suitable to help the students develop their basic ideas into a good descriptive paragraph.

In his study, the researcher will use the series of picture rather than a single picture. Picture series is the collection of pictures which are chronologically arranged based on the generic structure of descriptive paragraph in order to help students to understand the descriptive paragraph. According to Brown (2004:180) that the use of picture series to stimulus for a longer story or description. Picture series is used as additional tool to generate the motivation of the students to develop their vocabulary in expressing their ideas. In a picture series task, the objective of which is to elicit a story in a sequence of events.

Before teaching descriptive paragraph through picture series, the student will be taught about the generic structures of descriptive paragraph and simple present tense which is the basic tense of descriptive paragraph. In applying his picture series, there will be four to six pictures in a series of picture. The researcher will show the pictures chronologically which indicate the parts of generic structures of descriptive paragraph and the students are asked to write down the description based on the pictures they have been seen. The researcher will show the picture about one minute for each picture and the students will be given five minutes to compose the story for each picture. After having a full description from the pictures, the students will be asked to submit their work and the researcher and students discuss the story in order to give the students deeper understanding about descriptive paragraph.


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