Advantages and Disadvantages of Brainstorming

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Brainstorming

Advantages and Special Purposes

a)      Increases creativity in individuals and groups. 

b)      Works well as a cooperative learning exercise. 

c)      Encourages community togetherness.

d)     Allows divergent thinking processes. 

e)      Reaches students with different learning styles. 

f)       Allows for use of imagination and the senses. 

g)      Useful in problem solving and brainstorming endeavors. 

h)      Broadens concept attainment. 

Disadvantages or Limitations

a)      Vocabulary of the model may inhibit students. Terms like synectics, metaphor, analogy and  compressed conflict may be imposing at any grade level. 

b)      The number of steps required to conclude the exercises number as many as 17 procedures and may intimidate a teacher. 

c)      Students trained in the rigors of left brain concrete sequential thinking may be temporarily  stretched out of their comfort lone.


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