Concept of Body Language (Definition and Advantages)

 Concept of Body Language (Definition and Advantages)

a)    Definition of Body Language

Givens (2002: 481) Body language is the lay term for nonverbal communication. Body language is an important – and often decisive – factor in risk communication.  This is especially true of communicators, who need to show congruency between the oral information and their body language when transmitting a message, because only if they manage to do so will the message be effective.  Body language is an element in communication that we should be very much aware of because it gives clues to the character, emotions, and reactions of an individual.

Özüorçun (2013: 73) Body  language  is  a  means  of  communication  which  includes  body movements of the head, eyes, neck, hands, arm, feet or other parts of the body to  reflect  expressions.  These  body  movements  send  messages  to  the  receiver and  they  are  primarily  used  to  reflect  our  emotions  or  to  support  the  verbal message

b)    The Advantages of Body Language  

Valley (2013:6) defines the advantages of body language as a Power of Body Language: 

1)      It is honest: Body language conveys truth, even when words do not. 

2) Creates self awareness: Understanding body language helps you identify your own actions that hinder success. 

3)     Understand feelings: Body language shows feelings and motive such as aggression, submission, deception, etc. Use these as cues to your communication. 

4)     Enhance listening and communication skills: Paying attention to body language makes someone a better listener. Hear between the words spoken to what is being said.


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