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Definition of Self Talk Strategy (STS)

Definition of Self Talk Strategy (STS)

Bernard (2005: 3) Self-talk refers to statements people make to themselves, either internally or aloud, and has been defined as an internal dialogue in which the individuals interpret feelings and perceptions, regulate and change evaluations and cognitions and give themselves instructions and reinforcement

Zetou, Nikolaos & Evaggelos (2014: 27) Defines Self Talk Strategy as a expressions or statements that address ourselves, being multidimensional from its nature, having explanatory points that coincide with the content of the statements that are said, dynamics, and accomplishing, at least two functions: a guiding and a motivating function. This underlines the importance of language to the development of thought and, hence, the development of action.

Parvizi, Daneshfar & Shojaei (2012: 2303) Self-talk is the usage of verbal cues during performance by performers to focus of attention on the key aspects of the skill.  Self-talk  has  two  main  functions.  Instructional  self-talk  improves  the  performance  through  focusing  of attention on the movement, correct technique or performance of the proper strategy and Motivational self-talk improves the  performance  by  increasing  the  energy  and  effort  and  is  used  to  control  the  arousal  and  anxiety

LinnĂ©r, L. (2010: 1) defined self-talk as what people say to themselves either out loud or as a small voice inside their head,  occurs whenever an individual thinks, whether making statements internally or externally and an internal dialogue the individual interprets feelings and perceptions, regulates and changes evaluations and convictions, and gives him/herself instructions and reinforcement”


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