Vocabulary Test: Recount text about Celebrating Indonesian Independence Day and key answer

         Recount text adalah jenis teks yang menceritakan peristiwa atau pengalaman yang terjadi di masa lampau dengan urutan waktu yang jelas. Biasanya, recount text dimulai dengan orientasi yang memberikan informasi tentang waktu, tempat, dan orang-orang yang terlibat dalam peristiwa tersebut. Kemudian, cerita berlanjut dengan serangkaian peristiwa yang disusun secara kronologis, menggambarkan detail-detail penting dan membangun ketegangan atau ketertarikan bagi pembaca. Akhirnya, recount text ditutup dengan reorientasi, yaitu kesimpulan atau refleksi tentang pelajaran yang dipetik dari pengalaman tersebut. Dengan demikian, recount text memberikan gambaran yang lengkap tentang suatu peristiwa atau pengalaman yang dialami oleh penulis.

         Berikut Vocabulary Test: Recount text about Celebrating Indonesian Independence Day and key answer

Celebrating Indonesian Independence Day

         Every year on August 17th, Indonesians come together to commemorate their hard-fought independence from colonial rule. Festivities begin with flag-raising ceremonies in cities and villages across the archipelago. People dress in traditional attire, adorned with red and white, the colors of the Indonesian flag, symbolizing courage and purity.

         Parades fill the streets as schools, community groups, and government officials march in unity. Traditional music, such as gamelan orchestras, fills the air, accompanied by the sound of traditional dances depicting Indonesia's diverse cultural heritage. Street vendors offer delicious local delicacies, adding to the festive atmosphere.

        In the evening, neighborhoods light up with lanterns and fireworks, illuminating the sky with bursts of color. Families gather for feasts, sharing stories of Indonesia's struggle for independence and celebrating the nation's unity in diversity. As the night unfolds, the spirit of patriotism fills the hearts of every Indonesian, reaffirming their commitment to uphold freedom and unity.

Vocabulary Test:

  1. Commemorate
  2. Archipelago
  3. Adorned
  4. Unity
  5. Orchestras
  6. Heritage
  7. Festive
  8. Feasts
  9. Struggle
  10. Patriotism

Key Answers:

  1. Remember and show respect for (someone or something)
  2. A group of islands
  3. Decorated or embellished
  4. The state of being united or joined as a whole
  5. Large groups of musicians playing together
  6. Something that is passed down from preceding generations; inheritance
  7. Joyful and celebratory
  8. A large meal, typically a celebratory one
  9. A vigorous effort or fight against difficulty or opposition
  10. Love and devotion for one's country

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