Spoof text about Cooking Nasi Goreng with Aliens with 10 multiple choices test and key answer

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        Berikut Spoof text about Cooking Nasi Goreng with Aliens with 10 multiple choices test and key answer

Cooking Nasi Goreng with Aliens

In a remote corner of the universe, amidst swirling nebulas and distant stars, a peculiar cooking class was underway. Captain Zorblax, leader of the Intergalactic Culinary Expedition, had decided to introduce his alien crew to the wonders of Earth cuisine. Today's lesson? Cooking Nasi Goreng, the beloved Indonesian fried rice dish.

As the aliens gathered around the spaceship's makeshift kitchen, they marveled at the colorful array of ingredients laid out before them: fragrant jasmine rice, diced vegetables, exotic spices, and even a few wriggling tentacles (a delicacy in some galaxies). With Zorblax's guidance, they began the culinary adventure, their six-fingered hands clumsily wielding spatulas and stirring spoons.

Despite the initial chaos and a minor incident involving an overzealous alien mistaking the chili powder for stardust, the Nasi Goreng turned out surprisingly well. With satisfied bellies and newfound appreciation for Earth's culinary delights, the crew bid farewell to their intergalactic cooking escapade, eager to share their newfound skills with the rest of the cosmos.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. What is the main ingredient in Nasi Goreng?

a) Pasta

b) Rice

c) Potatoes

d) Quinoa

2. Which cuisine does Nasi Goreng belong to?

a) Italian

b) Mexican

c) Indonesian

d) Chinese

3. What kind of spices are commonly used in Nasi Goreng?

a) Cinnamon and nutmeg

b) Turmeric and coriander

c) Basil and oregano

d) Paprika and cumin

4. What is the texture of Nasi Goreng?

a) Creamy

b) Crispy

c) Chewy

d) Mushy

5. What is often served with Nasi Goreng?

a) Salad

b) Soup

c) Pickles

d) Egg

6. Which of the following is NOT a common ingredient in Nasi Goreng?

a) Chicken

b) Shrimp

c) Pineapple

d) Tofu

7. How is Nasi Goreng typically cooked?

a) Boiled

b) Steamed

c) Fried

d) Baked

8. What gives Nasi Goreng its distinctive flavor?

a) Soy sauce

b) Vinegar

c) Honey

d) Mustard

9. In the spoof text, who leads the Intergalactic Culinary Expedition?

a) Captain Kirk

b) Captain Zorblax

c) Captain Picard

d) Captain Janeway

10. What incident occurred during the cooking lesson in the spoof text?

a) The spaceship malfunctioned

b) A meteor shower

c) Mistaking chili powder for stardust

d) Encounter with hostile aliens

Answer Key:

  1. b) Rice
  2. c) Indonesian
  3. b) Turmeric and coriander
  4. b) Crispy
  5. d) Egg
  6. c) Pineapple
  7. c) Fried
  8. a) Soy sauce
  9. b) Captain Zorblax
  10. c) Mistaking chili powder for stardust

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