Spoof text about Misadventures of a Superhero from Surabaya with 10 multiple choices test and key answer

          Dalam spoof text, penulis sering menggunakan karakter-karakter konyol atau situasi-situasi yang tidak mungkin terjadi dalam kehidupan nyata. Misalnya, sebuah spoof text bisa saja bercerita tentang seorang pria yang berusaha mengejar seekor burung merak yang terbang dengan mobilnya, atau tentang seorang anak yang mencoba menemukan cara untuk menjadikan gajah peliharaannya bisa terbang.

          Berikut Spoof text about Misadventures of a Superhero from Surabaya with 10 multiple choices test and key answer

Misadventures of a Superhero from Surabaya

In the bustling streets of Surabaya, a rather unconventional superhero emerged, clad in a batik cape and wielding the power of spicy sambal. Meet "Sambalman," the culinary crusader who fights crime with chili peppers and a trusty wok. His misadventures often involve mistaking villains for customers at his family's sambal stall or accidentally setting off fiery explosions while attempting to cook.

In one memorable escapade, Sambalman mistook a gang of bank robbers for hungry customers and began serving them piping hot bowls of his famous sambal. The robbers, overwhelmed by the spiciness, surrendered to the authorities while begging for milk to cool their burning mouths. Meanwhile, Sambalman's loyal sidekick, Nasi Goreng Boy, tried to keep up with his friend's chaotic antics, often finding himself in hilarious predicaments.

Despite his unconventional methods, Sambalman's heart is always in the right place as he strives to make Surabaya a safer and spicier place for all. Whether he's battling evildoers with his fiery concoctions or accidentally causing chaos in the city streets, Sambalman proves that sometimes, a hero's greatest strength lies in their ability to turn everyday ingredients into extraordinary adventures.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. What is the superhero's name?

a) Batikman

b) Sambalman

c) Surabayaman

d) Wokman

2. What is Sambalman's weapon of choice?

a) Sword

b) Shield

c) Wok

d) Spatula

3. Who is Sambalman's sidekick?

a) Noodle Boy

b) Nasi Goreng Boy

c) Sate Girl

d) Bakso Boy

4. What does Sambalman use to fight crime?

a) Spicy sambal

b) Ice cream

c) Bubble tea

d) Fruit salad

5. How do the bank robbers react to Sambalman's sambal?

a) They love it

b) They hate it

c) They are unaffected

d) They surrender

6. What is Nasi Goreng Boy's role?

a) Chef

b) Sidekick

c) Villain

d) Mayor

7. Where does Sambalman's family own a stall?

a) Bank

b) Supermarket

c) Sambal stall

d) Library

8. What does Sambalman mistakenly think the robbers are?

a) Police officers

b) Hungry customers

c) Firefighters

d) Tourists

9. What is Sambalman's cape made of?

a) Batik

b) Silk

c) Leather

d) Paper

10. What lesson does Sambalman teach?

a) Spiciness is dangerous

b) Always trust your instincts

c) Cooking can save the day

d) Superheroes wear capes

Key Answers:

  1. b) Sambalman
  2. c) Wok
  3. b) Nasi Goreng Boy
  4. a) Spicy sambal
  5. d) They surrender
  6. b) Sidekick
  7. c) Sambal stall
  8. b) Hungry customers
  9. a) Batik
  10. c) Cooking can save the day

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