A Javanese Ghost Learns to Use a Smartphone: Spoof text about with 10 multiple choices test and key answer

          Dalam spoof text, penulis sering menggunakan tokoh-tokoh fiktif atau nyata dengan cara yang tidak biasa atau menggelikan. Ceritanya mungkin menggambarkan situasi-situasi absurd atau kejadian-kejadian yang tidak mungkin terjadi dalam kehidupan nyata. Sebagai contoh, spoof text bisa saja bercerita tentang seorang pahlawan yang menyelamatkan dunia dengan menggunakan tanduk unicorn sebagai senjata.

           Berikut Spoof text about A Javanese Ghost Learns to Use a Smartphone with 10 multiple choices test and key answer

A Javanese Ghost Learns to Use a Smartphone

In the heart of Java, amidst the mystical rice paddies and ancient temples, a curious tale unfolds. It's the story of a Javanese ghost named Kuntilanak, who, after centuries of wandering the ethereal realms, found herself thrust into the bewildering world of smartphones. At first, the touchscreen baffled her spectral fingers, but with determination and the help of a mischievous tech-savvy imp, she mastered the art of swiping and tapping. Soon, Kuntilanak was chatting with other spirits on spectral social media platforms and even mastering the art of taking spooky selfies in haunted locales.

However, Kuntilanak's newfound tech prowess didn't come without its challenges. She struggled to grasp the concept of emojis, often sending ghostly wails instead of friendly smiles. Texting was another hurdle, as her messages were often garbled with ancient Javanese phrases that left her spectral friends scratching their ethereal heads. Yet, despite these obstacles, Kuntilanak persisted, determined to bridge the gap between the supernatural and the digital age.

Now, it's time to test your knowledge of Kuntilanak's smartphone journey. Choose the correct answer for each question:

1. What is the name of the Javanese ghost in the story?

a) Rangda

b) Pocong

c) Kuntilanak

d) Sundel Bolong

2. Where is the setting of the story?

a) Bali

b) Java

c) Sumatra

d) Kalimantan

3. Who helped Kuntilanak learn to use the smartphone?

a) A wise old sage

b) A mischievous imp

c) Another ghost

d) A modern-day teenager

4. What did Kuntilanak struggle to understand?

a) Ancient spells

b) Emojis

c) Haunting techniques

d) Mystical rituals

5. What did Kuntilanak master after learning to use the smartphone?

a) Flying

b) Taking selfies

c) Haunting houses

d) Casting spells

6. What language did Kuntilanak often mix with her messages?

a) English

b) Ancient Javanese

c) Spanish

d) French

7. What did Kuntilanak send instead of friendly emojis?

a) Ghostly wails

b) Skulls

c) Pumpkins

d) Black cats

8. What was Kuntilanak's main goal in learning to use the smartphone?

a) To scare people

b) To connect with other spirits

c) To learn modern technology

d) To take selfies

9. Where did Kuntilanak take selfies?

a) In haunted houses

b) In ancient temples

c) In rice paddies

d) In graveyards

10. What persisted despite Kuntilanak's struggles?

a) Her determination

b) Her confusion

c) Her loneliness

d) Her fear

Answer Key:

  1. c) Kuntilanak
  2. b) Java
  3. b) A mischievous imp
  4. b) Emojis
  5. b) Taking selfies
  6. b) Ancient Javanese
  7. a) Ghostly wails
  8. b) To connect with other spirits
  9. a) In haunted houses
  10. a) Her determination

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