Argumentative Text: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping with 10 vocabulary test and key answer

         Argumentative text adalah jenis tulisan yang bertujuan untuk meyakinkan pembaca tentang sebuah pandangan atau pendapat tertentu. Dalam jenis teks ini, penulis menyampaikan argumen yang didukung oleh bukti dan alasan yang logis. Struktur umum dari argumentative text meliputi pengenalan isu, penyajian argumen utama, dukungan dengan bukti atau contoh, dan penyelesaian yang merangkum poin-poin penting serta memperkuat posisi penulis.

         Salah satu ciri khas dari argumentative text adalah penggunaan bahasa persuasif dan logis. Penulis harus dapat mengantisipasi keberatan atau argumen yang bertentangan dan menyanggahnya dengan bukti yang kuat. Selain itu, teks ini sering kali mencakup kutipan dari sumber yang kredibel dan data statistik untuk mendukung klaim yang dibuat. Tujuan utama dari argumentative text adalah untuk mempengaruhi pendapat pembaca dan membuat mereka setuju dengan pandangan penulis.

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Argumentative Text: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

          Online shopping has revolutionized the retail industry by providing unparalleled convenience and a broader selection of products. Consumers can shop from the comfort of their homes, avoiding the need to travel to physical stores. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for those with busy schedules or mobility issues. Additionally, online shops often offer a wider variety of products than brick-and-mortar stores, allowing customers to easily compare prices and features to make informed purchasing decisions.

          However, online shopping is not without its drawbacks. One significant concern is the potential for fraud and security breaches. Shoppers must trust that their personal and financial information is secure, which is not always guaranteed. Moreover, the inability to physically inspect products before purchasing can lead to dissatisfaction if the item does not meet expectations. This issue is compounded by sometimes complicated return policies, which can deter customers from making online purchases.

         Despite these challenges, the growth of online shopping shows no signs of slowing down. Retailers are continually improving their websites and security measures to address consumer concerns. Enhanced customer service, such as live chat support and more generous return policies, helps mitigate some of the disadvantages. As technology continues to advance, the online shopping experience is likely to become even more streamlined and secure, making it an increasingly viable option for consumers worldwide.

Vocabulary Test

  1. Revolutionized
  2. Unparalleled
  3. Accessibility
  4. Mobility
  5. Variety
  6. Compare
  7. Fraud
  8. Inspect
  9. Dissatisfaction
  10. Mitigate

Answer Key

  1. Revolutionized - Transformed significantly.
  2. Unparalleled - Without equal; unmatched.
  3. Accessibility - The quality of being easy to obtain or use.
  4. Mobility - The ability to move or be moved freely and easily.
  5. Variety - A range of different things.
  6. Compare - To examine the similarities and/or differences.
  7. Fraud - Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
  8. Inspect - To look at closely to assess condition or quality.
  9. Dissatisfaction - Lack of contentment; the feeling of being unhappy with something.
  10. Mitigate - To make less severe, serious, or painful.

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