Narrative text about The Story of Bima with 10 Multiple choices test and key answer

The Story of Bima

Once upon a time, in the mythical land of Java, there lived a legendary hero named Bima. Bima was known far and wide for his incredible strength and bravery. His adventures were the stuff of legend, and his name was whispered with awe and reverence across the land.

In his quest for justice and righteousness, Bima faced numerous challenges and foes. From battling fierce dragons to outsmarting cunning demons, he never wavered in his resolve to protect the innocent and uphold the values of honor and integrity. Alongside his loyal companions, Bima journeyed through dense forests, treacherous mountains, and vast plains, always ready to confront whatever dangers lay ahead.

Despite the many trials he faced, Bima remained steadfast in his quest, always guided by his unwavering sense of duty and his indomitable spirit. His legend lived on for generations, inspiring countless tales of courage and heroism for years to come.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. Where did Bima live?

a) Sumatra

b) Java

c) Bali

d) Borneo

2. What was Bima known for?

a) Intelligence

b) Strength and bravery

c) Cunningness

d) Wealth

3. What did Bima value?

a) Deception

b) Loyalty and righteousness

c) Treachery

d) Wealth and power

4. Who were Bima's companions?

a) Dragons

b) Demons

c) Loyal friends

d) Enemies

5. Where did Bima journey?

a) Underwater

b) Dense forests, treacherous mountains, vast plains

c) Space

d) Desert

6. What guided Bima in his quest?

a) Wealth

b) Sense of duty and indomitable spirit

c) Fear

d) Hatred

7. What did Bima confront in his adventures?

a) Love

b) Danger and foes

c) Wealth

d) Nothing

8. What inspired tales of courage and heroism for years to come?

a) Bima's cowardice

b) Bima's adventures

c) Bima's wealth

d) Bima's cunningness

9. What did Bima protect?

a) Evil

b) Innocent

c) Wealth

d) Foes

10. How did people react to Bima?

a) Awe and reverence

b) Fear and hatred

c) Boredom

d) Indifference

Key Answers:

  1. b) Java
  2. b) Strength and bravery
  3. b) Loyalty and righteousness
  4. c) Loyal friends
  5. b) Dense forests, treacherous mountains, vast plains
  6. b) Sense of duty and indomitable spirit
  7. b) Danger and foes
  8. b) Bima's adventures
  9. b) Innocent
  10. a) Awe and reverence

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