Descriptive text about Lush green jungles of Sumatra with 10 multiple choices test and key answer


The lush green jungles of Sumatra beckon with an enchanting allure, where a symphony of wildlife harmonizes with the rustle of towering trees. As you venture into this verdant realm, the air becomes heavy with the fragrance of exotic flora, intertwining with the earthy scent of damp soil. Towering above, the canopy forms a green cathedral, filtering sunlight into dappled patches that dance upon the forest floor. Giant ferns unfurl their delicate fronds, while lianas twist and coil around ancient trees, creating a tapestry of life that teems with vitality.

Within this emerald expanse, a cacophony of creatures calls this jungle home. The haunting cry of the Sumatran tiger reverberates through the undergrowth, while the playful chatter of orangutans echoes high above in the canopy. Stealthy leopards stalk silently, their spotted coats blending seamlessly with the dappled light. Meanwhile, the vibrant plumage of tropical birds flashes amidst the foliage, adding splashes of color to the lush green canvas.

Amidst the tranquil beauty lies a delicate balance, where the ancient rhythms of nature orchestrate a symphony of life and death. Here, every creature plays a vital role in the intricate web of existence, from the smallest insect to the majestic elephants that roam the forest floor. But this delicate equilibrium faces ever-present threats from deforestation, poaching, and habitat destruction. As the sun sets over the canopy, casting long shadows upon the jungle floor, it serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility and resilience of Sumatra's lush green jungles.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. What type of atmosphere envelops the jungles of Sumatra?

a) Hazy

b) Fragrant

c) Dusty

d) Dry

2. What dominates the skyline of the Sumatran jungles?

a) Mountains

b) Skyscrapers

c) Canopy

d) Lakes

3. Which animal's cry reverberates through the undergrowth?

a) Elephant

b) Orangutan

c) Sumatran Tiger

d) Leopard

4. What adds splashes of color to the jungle?

a) Tropical birds

b) Snakes

c) Insects

d) Monkeys

5. What poses threats to the jungle's delicate balance?

a) Deforestation

b) Urbanization

c) Agriculture

d) Mining

6. What creates dappled patches of light on the forest floor?

a) Rain

b) Wind

c) Canopy

d) Lianas

7. Which animal stalks silently through the undergrowth?

a) Elephant

b) Orangutan

c) Leopard

d) Sumatran Tiger

8. What forms a green cathedral in the jungle?

a) Mountains

b) Rivers

c) Canopy

d) Lakes

9. What scent permeates the air of the Sumatran jungle?

a) Salt

b) Smoke

c) Earth

d) Concrete

10. What does the sunset symbolize in the jungle?

a) Renewal

b) Destruction

c) Danger

d) Hope

Key Answer:

  1. b) Fragrant
  2. c) Canopy
  3. c) Sumatran Tiger
  4. a) Tropical birds
  5. a) Deforestation
  6. c) Canopy
  7. c) Leopard
  8. c) Canopy
  9. c) Earth
  10. b) Destruction

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